It’s raining again!

It has been raining from the afternoon onwards here in Adelaide – whilst it was glorious and refreshing, unfortunately it also soaked my laundry so most of my clothes are still hanging out there – soggy and clean after the re-wash. I suppose God didn’t trust my washing machine. Haha. The water’s great for the plants and trees though, so I am definitely not complaining. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my umbrella too – it finally carked it and wouldn’t work correctly so I had to chuck it into the wheelie bin at home. 🙁 I bought the umbrella during my 2006 trip to Europe, in an H&M shop in Strøget in Copenhagen, Denmark because it was raining. Now I need to buy a new umbrella – too bad it won’t sound as romantic as “the umbrella that I bought in Denmark”. It’s always sad saying goodbye to simple mementoes of my past trip – the umbrella that I bought in Denmark, or the bottle of shampoo that I bought in Bruges, silly things like that. Haha.

All in all it has been a great day too – whilst it was sad to say goodbye to my housemate, I am quite used to losing friends who say goodbye because they head back to Indonesia or other places in the world. I started early – I constantly lost good friends and dormmates when I stayed in Hampstead Centre International Students Residence during my undergraduate years. Just when I got along really well with the exchange students from the Netherlands, they had to return back home. It was always sad and heartbreaking but after a while, you learned to deal with the pain. I felt sorry for a girl at church who cried at the end of the service because she missed my housemate. She shares the same surname as my housemate so she jokingly calls him cousin. She’s only young – 17 – so it was hard for her to say goodbye.

I also received a good news from my sister who informed me that Dad was able to urinate and defecate without any medical assistance. Praise God, indeed! Mum had apparently been praying and fasting for four days straight for Dad’s recovery! That has certainly taught me not to take any of my bodily functions for granted! Thank God that my heart is still beating, and that I can breathe, pee, poo, sweat, sleep, work, sing, talk, hear, see, taste, smell, and any other activities that I do naturally.

Well, it’s time for me to head to bed now – I’m tired and sleepy and this week will be another busy week for me.  On Tuesday I will take the first flight out to Sydney and take the last flight home – it’ll be my first client meetings so I’ve got heaps to learn! 🙂

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