On the recharge

The house is quiet this morning apart from the noise that my old washing machine is making whilst it’s washing my workclothes. The first batch is already hung outside to dry – every fortnight I have two batches of laundry to do, my usual batch of jeans and tshirts and other riff-raffs, and another one of shirts, trousers and other delicates. I don’t divide them into whites or colours though – too much to do! Haha. 😀

It’s a beautiful, “moody” morning weatherwise. The sun is out from time to time but there are plenty of clouds in the sky to provide the occasional light and shade. The wind makes its presence known as well by rustling my plants and trees, and shaking the windchimes. Just perfect.

I’ve had my coffee for the day too but I’m still feeling a bit sleepy this morning – I had a barbeque last night to farewell my housemate and there were about 20+ people who came over to my house. The outdoor settings were very popular amongst my friends – they loved the pergola, the lighting, the paved area. I suppose the side area (my euroCorner) does have a café ambience, especially when I play my Sade or Kings of Convenience songs. 🙂 The food was good too – my Weber Q was instrumental in making the barbeque a success. It was constantly burning for hours, cooking the sausages, chicken pieces, kangaroo steak, beef patties, ribs, and even the marshmallow on the skewers. I also had some steak that’s marinated using my secret herbs and spices … hehehe, well I bought four slices of steak and I put some seaweed sea salt, Hungarian hot paprika, ground peppercorns and some soy sauce. The result was very nice indeed. 🙂

My friends were kind enough to help to clean up the house afterwards so I didn’t have to do anything this morning – Yani even joked that if she left anything on the sink, it would still be there the following week. Hahaha. It’s a bit sad saying goodbye to my housemate as I’m quite used to having somebody else in the house – my new boarder / housemate will be moving in within the next couple of weeks, though so I suppose I won’t have to be alone for too long. The flipside of that is that I will have my privacy again and my peace and quiet. As a borderline introvert, I do enjoy my quiet time where I can recharge. Many of my casual acquaintances think that I am an extrovert because I can be quite silly and bubbly when I’m with them – being ‘the funny, social man’ takes a lot of my energy though and I can only recharge when I’m alone.

Thank you for the kind words about my Dad – my sister texted me and said that Dad was going better. She had put him and my mum on fruit diet, so they could improve their health and energy. Everybody was understandably worried about Dad – I felt quite sombre and melancholy yesterday and part of it was because of my Dad’s condition. Even though I still joked around and laughed with my friends during the barbie, I had preferred to be on my own yesterday. I even sneaked some time to be on my own in my darkened room – away from the crowd nearing the end of the night!

So this morning I have my chance to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet and the sound of the water gurgling from the washing machine down the drain … haha. I have also finished some slices of choc-chip hot cross buns, my favourite Easter-time treat. After I hang my laundry, I can take my shower and get ready for church. I need to get regular spiritual recharge as well! Have a great Sunday all.

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