Lovin’ Monday morning

Yup, you read it correctly.

It’s a long weekend here in South Australia because of ‘Adelaide Cup Day’ – whilst I’m not into horseracing at all, I don’t mind having a holiday in honour of a horserace! I had a good long sleep thanks to the cold tablets that I took last night – the alarm went off at 6.30am and I had the pleasure to stop it for good and then went back to sleep. I only got up at 9.45am – haha. I’m having my second cup of coffee at the moment while listening to Sade.

Today I’m planning to go to the Gardening Expo that is organised by ABC. Last year I wanted to attend it as well and I had planned to do so, but I received that fateful call at night from my sister, telling me about my brother’s death … so unfortunately now I have a painful reminder whenever the ABC Gardening Expo is back in Adelaide. I’m not planning to buy heaps of plants – it’s always nice to wander around other gardening enthusiasts and pick up a bargain or a special here and there. There aren’t many Asian gardeners around though, so I’m usually the odd one around in such an expo, and one of the youngest as well. Hahaha. I like working with the earth – as mentioned before, it feels so rewarding when you see a tree or a plant that you put in the ground and nurture, grow bigger. It’s as if it trusted you to take care of it. 🙂

Yesterday I planted a new tree in the front yard to replace the dead and dried-up dwarf liquidambar tree – I had wanted it to grow and withstand the hot wind and provide me with spectacular autumn colour. Unfortunately because the spot is so much exposed from the western wind and receives a lot of sun, I have to give up my plan to have a japanese maple tree or other delicate deciduous tree. At the end I picked Cedrela sinensis or Toona sinensis (Chinese Cedar) which should be tougher against the hot wind, and will still provide me with an autumn display. One thing that is unusual about this tree is that it will have pink leaves in Spring! The foliage is pink in Spring, then turning green in Summer, and then golden in Autumn. Sounds good to me! The Chinese also cook the leaves because apparently they taste like onion. I’m not game enough to try it – I’ll leave the tree alone, I think. So after the Chinese Pistachio, now I have another chinese addition to my frontyard. 🙂

I still think about my Dad and his worsening sickness – my sister told me that he had accepted Christ into his heart, but he seemed not to have found the peace just yet. He has always been a worrywart and a thinker, and I’m sure that even though he has grown senile in recent years after his stroke twelve years ago, he still worries a lot. I pray that he will find the peace and joy that will give him the strength to carry on. Worry is something that robs you from the joy that is rightfully yours – rather than looking back and being grateful of the blessings that you have received, you end up worrying of the things that may happen.

I know that the time will come for my parents – I hope I can be strong when it happens. When Handy passed away, I thought I was strong enough, selfish enough, detached enough for it not to affect me. I was wrong. Death lingered with me for months ahead and the sorrow still attached itself in my heart. I just hope and pray that they will find the peace from God, and to discover the joy of surrendering – that truly in surrendering to God, you end up feeling victorius.

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