Time in a sentence

It’s been a week since I last wrote my blog entry, and a lot of things have happened.

Life is a series of events, a lot of which are unexpected. I was informed by my brother that my Dad had got worse last week – Mum and Dad didn’t even head back to Bandung to join the first anniversary of my brother’s death because they were too sick to travel. My sister told me that Dad had a mild stroke – thank God that it was detected in time, so he was given the right treatment and medication to make him stronger. Mum is also getting tired very easily thesedays and that was the reason why she didn’t want to go to Bandung – besides I suppose Dad wanted her to be next to him. I didn’t respond to her email when she told me about Mum and Dad. I don’t have a strong enough reason … the first anniversary of my brother’s death had made me emotionally numb. I still walked home feeling sad and down from time to time, just missing my brother. Work had given me my emotional anaesthetic but after it wore off, I still felt raw and sad. Today, my sister sent me a text message that Dad had been hospitalised because he hadn’t been able to defecate for a whole week and he couldn’t urinate for a whole day. Time marches on and there’s nothing that we can do to slow it down or to stop it … I can only hope and pray that Mum and Dad will be strong and healthy enough for me to see them for years and years to come.

It seems strange that time can be collapsed into a simple statement once you have passed the incident. For example, it takes a couple of millisecond for me to say “When I worked in Singapore …” – however, there were two and a half years of my life in that one simple sentence! Now it’s easy for me to say “When I had some free time after leaving my previous company”, but again, four months of my life are infused in that sentence.

As I mentioned before, I had been kept busy by my work – I had put in a lot of hours last week. I started at 9.00am and finished at about 6.00pm with only about half-an-hour of lunch on my desk most of the time. At the end of the day, I was always tired and mentally weary – from doing nothing intellectually for four months, I went from 10 km/hr to 100 km/hr in just a matter of days. I like what I’m doing though – I like the variety of projects that I’m handling. I just hope I won’t get burnt-out so soon! 😛

Apart from work, I have a lot of things to share – unfortunately my cold tablets have started to have their effects on me – I’m getting sleepy and drowsy now so before I construct silly and nonsensical sentences, I’d better wrap up this blog entry and head to bed. I have been feeling under the weather for a couple of days now – mostly because of the changing season, I think! Autumn is coming soon and things are getting cooler now …

I will write more tomorrow morning after I get up! It’s so nice to be able to get up late – tomorrow is a public holiday here in Adelaide: Adelaide Cup Day. Time for me to go to sleep and rest my weary body! :zzz:

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