In a McLachlan Moment

Funny how my mood has a life on its own sometimes – I’m not blue, just feeling a bit sombre. Maybe it’s a leftover from being totally weary at work, or maybe it’s because I’m craving to be away from everything – just me, a mountain, a valley, blue sky with some clouds, and a creek nearby with its tinkling sound to calm my inner turmoil. Somehow it has made me want to re-listen my Sarah McLachlan CDs … her voice is a mixture of vulnerability and strength. Just perfect for a mellow evening – just me with a cup of steaming green tea. I thought I’d share three songs with you: Dirty Little Secret – a sensual track from her album Afterglow, I Love You – a poignant song from her previous album Surfacing, and Fallen, also taken from Afterglow.



Listen to the lyric and you would understand why I post her songs tonight. 🙂 I can be enigmatic if I want to … hehe.

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