What was lost has been regained

Unfortunately I’m back to my fattest self again now – after losing four kilos during my ‘long holiday’, I’ve found out today that I have regained pretty much what I have lost. I’m now back to 88kg. It has been hovering around 87kg. 😮 My dietary habit has been shocking lately: a humongous steak on Saturday at Buenos Aires, a Chinese dinner after church on Sunday at Ky Chow, a Krispy Kreme donut  on Monday night, as well as on Tuesday morning, pizza and sweet chilli scroll from Bakers Delight for lunch, and then KFC for dinner. Shocking, eh? 😮 Time to put a brake on my unhealthy diet!!! This is despite my daily habit now of walking 1km to the rendezvous point near Ashford Hospital every morning – a colleague of mine lives not far away from where I live, and there’s another one who lives near Anzac Highway, so we agree to do a carpool together. I contribute something for the petrol, so does the other guy – so all in all, she wins because she doesn’t need to do a major detour to pick us up. We’re happy too because we save some money!

So yeah, unfortunately even though I walk 1km every day, and 1km back (if I head home with them and don’t go to the city instead), I’m still getting fatter. Yikes. I will need to cut down my junkfood intakes now – I don’t drink soda anymore and now I just need to wean myself off KFC, McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s. I’ve been naughty with snacking as well because I have started buying biscuits again when I do my grocery shopping. All of those contribute to my re-plumping up!

Well, as it is already past midnight, I really should head to bed. It’s a warm night here in Adelaide – the expected minimum temperature tonight is 22C with 35C as the maximum tomorrow. That sounds pretty much like Jakarta or Singapore really, but without the humidity. I had a really busy day today – I had a full-on day from 9.00am until 6.30pm with barely a moment to breathe! I joked to a colleague that my three weeks at the company have pretty much been two days wading in the shallow pool, and then the rest in the deep end already! I just need to pace myself after I get the hang of things because I don’t want to get burnt-out so soon. Everything’s pretty much enjoyable at the moment though and I hope it’ll stay that way! 🙂

Time for me to have my beauty sleep! I’m going to get my picture taken for the company website tomorrow along with three other newbies at the office. I wouldn’t want to look like a panda with dark circles around my eyes!

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