The new chapter thus far …

My life has undergone rapid changes recently and it’s a challenge to write my blog entries sometimes, deciding the level of details that I should share with you, as my reader. I know now that my blog is predominantly read by my family back in Indonesia, my old colleagues and friends, and the occasional strangers who are attracted to some of the things that I posted in my blog.

Life is going just grand – as mentioned before, I’m enjoying my work even though it has kept me pretty busy for the last couple of weeks. I’d rather be busy than being bored! I only had moments of boredom in the first couple of days, and then I was thrusted into the thick of things. The analyst who I’m replacing will be going at the beginning of March, so I’m trying to get as much information from her as possible. Just to make things a little bit interesting, some of her responsibilities are mine already even on Week #3, so I have to juggle the learning aspect as well as the performing aspect already! Life is exciting … haha.

I caught up with Mark for a drink and dinner after work – he’s a good friend from my previous company. It’s good to reminisce and commiserate about the same bugbears, as well discuss the things that interest us, such as movies and travelling. I even had my Iron Chef moment over dinner – we went to Amarin Thai 2 – a fantastic restaurant in Rundle Street. We ordered Masaman Beef Curry as well as some kind of Thai stir-fry with chicken, basil and capsicum. The Masaman Beef Curry was fantastic, and after I said, “The sauce is so fantastic!” , I had a chuckle because it sounded like a line from Iron Chef. I don’t watch the program these days, but it’s always full of corny lines from the judges when they say something like, “Oh, the Yokohama crab and the strawberry complement each other so beautifully! Who would’ve thought?” 🙄

If you’re also wondering how my Valentine’s Day went – well, I went to a big dinner with fifteen other friends to an Argentinian Restaurant in Hutt Street, called Buenos Aires. We only got our table at 9.30pm, so it was a late dinner indeed. Some of us dressed up for the occasion, some preferred to be casual, which was alright because it was an informal gathering – it wasn’t really a couples’ event. My steak was huge – it was about 700 grammes of rump steak, I think! It was good but I would’ve liked it if it had more flavour. I had better steak in Gauchos as well as in Alphütte – two of my favourite restaurants in Adelaide for a good steak. I also ordered a glass of New Zealand Pinot Noir for myself as well as for Yani – unfortunately the wine didn’t go that well with Yani because she was sick afterwards and had to get the food out. That was a low point for the evening, but otherwise it was great. I got her some chocolate from Haigh’s as well as a Willow Tree figurine – I wanted to give her something sincere. I hope she appreciated it. I thought about buying her a gold necklace or something valuable but it seemed contrived … the moment will come when I do that, but it wasn’t that day. She got me Rectoverso by Dewi Lestari and some Haigh’s chocolate as well. Now I have both the book and the CD – yay! 🙂

So that’s all in a nutshell – the weekend was great, and my Monday was good as well.

Life’s good.

Something that’s creeping back into my mind is the remnants of my grief – in twelve days, I will commemorate the first anniversary of my brother’s passing. Did Handy know last year, twelve days to his departure, that he was leaving? Did he have any inklings whatsoever? *sigh*. I had a chat with my older brother earlier in Facebook – he mentioned that his widow had resorted to selling rice and condiments in front of their house. My brother’s widow has a little shop selling accessories and clothing but business is slow, reportedly so they have to supplement it by selling rice. It is sad, and I wish I could do more to help. In due time, I will. I want to ensure that my brother’s legacy lives on. I have learnt from my experience that even though things seem bleak, God is always in control, bringing all of His loved ones through the chasms of life and into places of peace and comfort. He never fails.

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