… But you don’t care for music, do you?

Funny how our mood can shift between one to the next, just by listening to a song or through a change in the weather. I’ve been falling in love again with Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You” because of its wonderful lyric and melancholy. Whilst researching for the lyric, I found out that a couple of other singers have sung that song, including Jane Monheit and K.D. Lang.

At the moment I’m listening to K.D. Lang singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” – another dark and melancholic song which I love very much as well. Her version is closer to Jeff Buckley and even though I do like Jeff’s version, I much prefer Rufus Wainwright’s because of the cynical melancholy and the resigned anger that is infused in his version.

Well, I’m about to call it a day – it’s a bit bizarre to realise that it’s actually mid-January already and that Easter Eggs have appeared all over the supermarkets. Well, come to think about it, they were already sold even before New Year! *GRRRRR*.

I’m about to cool myself down and get ready to go to bed – it’s a cooler day here in Adelaide as compared to yesterday (40C) but it’s still pretty warm in the house. I can’t wait for Autumn to come so we can have some decent rain – I would love to see my trees grow well. It’s a bit sad to see the brown parched backyard and my languishing Japanese Maple. 🙁 Thank God that the Taiwanese Green Maple seems to be more robust withstanding the warm days! The Amur Maples in the front yard aren’t doing too flashy either even though they are still doing okay. I would love them to have more leaves!

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