My First Day

So how was my first day at work after four months of break? It was good to get up early and wear my business attire again. It was also great to walk to the bus stop and feel that I was ‘part of the working group’ again. I arrived at the new office about twenty minutes early, even after taking two buses from home. I went to the Shopping Centre across the road from my new office and hang around with my book so that I didn’t arrive too early. I thought about getting some money, but this Mr Former Banker forgot to bring his new ATM Card, so he couldn’t withdraw any money, could he? 😳 Thank God I still had enough $2 and $1 coins in my pocket!

The first day was the usual orientation, meeting my new workmates and a lot of reading: past reports, office policies. I didn’t have my own desk, so I had to park myself at one of the vacant desks. At least my email account was sorted! My contract was also not ready today because the Managing Director was away interstate. All in due time! 🙂

I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into meaty projects, however I realised that I had to pace myself well. I was yet to have my 1:1 meetings with each of the personnel and I still need to understand the protocols and the way the company does its business. I also spent time with one of the Research Analysts about how she did her tasks at the company – I didn’t realise that she would be leaving the company to return to university.

The first part of the morning was spent with the lady who managed the HR functions at the company – being a smallish company, she was also in charge of the field recruitment and the data preparation unit. The meeting was good because I learned a lot about the activities from her. She also asked one of the classic questions, “How do I pronounce your name? Ah-ree or Eh-ree? I won’t try to say your surname.” I then mentioned that it’s Ah-ree but I was quite used to being called, Ah-ree, Eh-ree, or even Aaron. The lady mentioned that she would give me a nickname ‘Smithy’ because of my complex surname. I then joked that perhaps I should change my surname to Townsend to make it easy for the Aussies – however I said that Aaron Townsend sounded like a pornstar name. Hehehe. She liked that joke – haha – well, at least geeks have a sense of humour too! 😆

Lunch was at the nearby KFC – something healthy, of course! Haha.

I’m relieved that I don’t need to wear my tie to work though – business-casuals every day except for every other Friday where we can dress all casuals for a donation. Sounds pretty good to me, especially during hot days like today! The adventure continues tomorrow! I’ll bring my own cup as well as my own box of rooibos tea!

One last remark — thank God that Eli Stone is back on TV now for Season #2 – I was watching the episode when Eli Stone’s mysterious psychologist/counsellor said this: “I think you’re missing having a sense of the divine in your everyday life. I think you’re less happy now than when your life was occasionally up-ended by the fantastic. I think that grace fulfilled you in a way you didn’t even know you needed… and the only thing crazy about you is the fact that you don’t seem to realise that.”

That got me sobbing.

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