25 Random Things About Me


There’s a chain going on in Facebook about 25 Random Things. I was ‘tagged’ to contribute mine so I thought I’d paste them here as well for your reading pleasure. Haha. 🙂


Arry’s 25 things

  1. I love The Muppets and my favourite character is Animal. I can do the Swedish Chef song quite convincingly. [1]
  2. I don’t like tinned tuna – the smell is revolting. [2]
  3. I am a big fan of Norway. One place that I would not mind settling in. I love the sing-songy language, the culture, the country, the music, the mountains, the fjords, the people. [3]
  4. I much prefer rugged coastlines than flat sandy beaches. [4]
  5. Similar to number 4, I prefer “moody weather” when the day is breezy with clouds in the sky. It’s exciting not to know what the day will turn into, rather than blue clear sky. [5]
  6. I would love to go to Nova Scotia in Canada. [6]
  7. My favourite dishes are crispy-fried anchovies with chillies and peanuts, beef rendang, and aglio olio e pepperoncino pasta. [7]
  8. I can’t stand those who take a long time to order food in restaurant. If you want to meditate on the menu, go and order room service. [8]
  9. I still plan to get a dog – either a miniature schnauzer or a boston terrier. The name will be either: Stig, Rufus, Alma or Kai. [9]
  10. My favourite season is Autumn. [10]
  11. I was born with a tear on my upper lip – unfortunately the doctor who delivered me thought that he was talented enough to be a plastic surgeon, and tore it even more. I had a microplastic surgery to ‘fix’ it when I was in Junior High. [11]
  12. I ate whale steak when I was in Norway. It tasted like beef dunk in sea water. [12]
  13. I love learning languages – can do bits and bobs in Dutch, German, Javanese, and Norsk. I can speak Sundanese, Indonesian and of course English fluently. [13]
  14. I’ve got heaps of colognes in my bathroom. My favourite is Ralph Lauren’s “Safari” and “Joseph Abboud” by Joseph Abboud. Hard to find! [14]
  15. I come from a big family – 5 sisters and 2 brothers. All in that order: F-F-F-F-F M-M-M. Something happened after their fifth attempt, because along came my older brother. [15]
  16. I used to live in a shophouse in Bandung, Indonesia and shared the room with my Mum, two sisters (#4 and #5), and my younger brother. My Dad lived in another shophouse with my other sisters (#2, #3) and my older brother. My eldest sister had her own room. [16]
  17. I used to befriend stray cats who came into the shophouse when I was small and loved giving them fancy names: Princess Zenobia, Pfurry Meng, Sevy bon Jevy, Decca, Octoina, Kishi, Catty Sejati. [17]
  18. I used to dance a lot when I was a student. I used to go to “Heaven” with my dormmates here in Adelaide almost every weekend. I even jumped on the table along with my dormmates, and danced – got some compliments from girls and guys alike, even! Hahaha. [18]
  19. I fell asleep during ‘Les Miserables’ in London. I shouldn’t have booked a ticket on the first day of my trip in the UK after such a long flight! [19]
  20. My favourite English accent is the Geordie accent – it never fails to charm and amuse me. The first time I heard it was at a backpackers’ in Auckland, NZ. [20]
  21. I went as far north to Newcastle in 2002 during my UK trip, just because I wanted to be in the Geordies’ “natural habitat”. [21]
  22. My favourite movies are: The English Patient, Cinema Paradiso, Big Fish, among others. I tend to steer away from Hollywood crapporama. [22]
  23. For those who know me in my adult life: I used to be really skinny. My mum said that I had to eat, or else my neighbours thought that I was not well-fed. Even when I was at Uni, I could eat: a meatpie, a freckled-donut, and a tub of banana milk, I was still very thin. [23]
  24. When I was small, I used to dump a bucket of water on my neighbours’ daughter from the balcony, because she squirted me with her water-pistol and I didn’t get to shoot her back. Revenge had to be bigger and sweeter. Her grandma complained to my mum afterwards. [24]
  25. I don’t know how to ride a bike. When my fifth sister learned bikeriding, she took me along. She fell – I cried. Then when my older brother learned bikeriding, he took me along. He fell – and I thought that was it! (I was traumatised … hahahaha). By the time I wanted to learn, I was way too old already! [25]

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