I Had a Dream … of Nasi Goreng


Time marches on and it’s already February – from Wikipedia, I learned that February was named after the Latin word februum, meaning ‘purification’. It’s the month where Adelaide is usually baked even more, with even lesser rainfall. The cooler winds finally arrived yesterday evening – sweeping the hot air out from the house. It is still pretty warm outside, and more humid as well unfortunately. The forecast for Adelaide today is 40C maximum – the last of the 40+ days for this round. Being used to dryer air in Adelaide means that we are more sensitive to the change in humidity – dryer hot air is much more endurable than dryer humid air! I finally slept in my bedroom again last night, even though I had to wake up early in the morning to move to the living room again and turn on the airconditioner because it was stifling hot inside the bedroom.

I’m enjoying the cool living room at the moment, while listening to an old Don Moen’s worship album. I have also opened my aquarium lid to cool down the air inside the aquarium and to lower the water temperature. The water’s 30C at the moment – a bit higher than the usual 24C. I got up too late to water the plants as well so I will have to do that this evening when I return from church. The second season of So You Think You Can Dance will be on as well – I’m very much looking forward to it! The show doesn’t fit my age and segment profile, but I suppose I’m acting and looking younger than my actual age. 😆 Just the other night, my housemate’s girlfriend thought that I was between the age of 28 – 31. I said I’d take that. Hahaha.

This will be my last long weekend before I re-commence my career. I’m missing my premature retirement already. 🙂 I know though, that my mind will go berserk if I keep on having nothing to do and just doing small things around the house. It’s much better to sink my teeth on new meatier challenges. Somehow it feels like I’m entering the second wave of my career – I’m all rejuvenated, refreshed and empowered with new sense of resilience and flexibility, as well as with a new understanding of faith. Watch out world! 😀

Just something bizarre to end my blog entry today – I had a strange dream last night about fried rice. I must’ve been obsessed with fried rice … haha. Last night, the five of us went to Anytime – a Chinese restaurant in Pulteney Street – for supper. I felt like having some fried rice, so that was what I had. Then I had a dream about ordering fried rice, and then as a side order, a plate of sour cream. I remember in my dream of saying, “No, no, sorry. I meant a side order of pickles”. How bizarre! 😕 😀

Does anybody want to offer their interpretation of my dream? Hahaha.

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