Arriving at the next station in life

Well, I have a new job starting on Tuesday next week – yup, you read it correctly. 🙂

It all happened very quickly – when I sent around my online Christmas card in December, I also sent it to my old business contacts. One of such contacts is the Research Director of one of the research agencies here in Adelaide. She thanked me for the online card and in response to her email, I mentioned about my situation. I didn’t hear anything until a couple of days ago. She mentioned that there was a vacancy for a Research Analyst at the agency and asked whether I could send her my details, if I was interested. I sent her my CV, and she asked me to come over for a chat on Thursday. So I braved the heat and met her at their office – we went across the road to have an informal interview. One of the Research Consultants was also there as the second interviewer.

The interview went well, and today I had a second interview with the Managing Director and with the lady who managed the HR functions at the company. It also went well, it felt more like a chat than a formal interview and I’m sure that they could obtain more insights about me from such a conversation rather than a step-by-step interview. Because the Research Director was away today on an interstate trip, the Managing Director mentioned that he would get in touch with me as soon as he had a chat with her.

Then this afternoon I received a call from the Research Director who mentioned that they would like to offer me the position – it had been revised to be Senior Research Analyst, with some leadership component as well. The position will be reviewed in six to twelve months – and that sounds fair as I have a lot to learn as well. I’m switching from the client side to a supplier side and there are other aspects of research business that I need to master, such as the area of qualitative research. I was also asked to start at the company on Tuesday next week – very soon indeed! When I was asked when I could start in both interviews, I jokingly responded, “Yesterday!”. Well, I am eager to start my next career phase! 🙂

I’m already missing my prolonged period of freedom, but I realise that I can’t sit around dilly-dallying all day. I’ve got my responsibilities and my future to consider. Like Elijah who had a rest in the cave, I am now strong enough to get out of my ‘cave’ and start working again. 🙂 I told my friends after the Christmas gathering last year that when things were going smoothly again, I would miss my time of vulnerability when I was intimately taught about faith and to solely rely on God. I just hope that I’ve learned all that He wants me to know. I hope that I didn’t miss anything when I was worrying about my job or feeling down about my situation.

As a closing remark, I am really thankful for a faithful God who really answers prayers in His time. The God who knows best for me and is not afraid to discipline and rebuke me, break me and shape me into something that pleases Him. Whilst travelling in Europe in July 2008, God taught me something about life.

I was travelling from Munich to Maastricht, and because there was no direct train from Munich, I had to change trains in three cities (Düsseldorf, Venlo, and Roermond). There was a track work in Venlo that caused me to miss the connecting train. I kept calm and looked at the train schedule – and sure enough there were other trains that I could take that would bring me to Maastricht safely, albeit a little bit late. That’s how life is with God, as long as you stay on the train and stop in the pre-arranged stations and stay in the stations, God will bring you to your destination. Each destination symbolises prayer points or the milestones in life. Sometimes we make mistakes by taking the wrong step in life – but as long as you stay on the track, you will find yourself reaching the destination, maybe a bit slower than initially anticipated, and maybe through different routes.

As a passenger in the train, you have the power (“freewill”) to get off from the train before you are meant to, and get out of the station altogether – and that’s when you go totally astray from God’s life plan. Sometimes, when you are in the train, you can be anxious to reach the destination and forget to enjoy the sceneries (“the lessons to be learned”). We should have faith that we will reach the destination in time (“in His time”).

I just hope that in my four months of uncertainty, I have learned all of the lessons that I am meant to take, because my train has certainly reached my next station. My God has answered my prayers. I have a new job.

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  1. Congrats ya Ry….. i’m happy to hear that! wish u all the best..and what a good start for a new year…

    looking forward for your first say@ work..after all..heheh!

    God speed.

  2. Congratulations! Very happy to hear that you found the job – I never doubted you would get one quickly. Lots of success and have fun!

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