Bring on 2007!

Happy New Year all!!!

It’s 2007 already in Adelaide, and I have just taken my first shower of the year — it’s nearly 2am and I’m still not sleepy at all! It’s a warm night here in Adelaide – it’s still about 24C even at 2am! It feels warmer in my study, because the thermometer says that it’s about 28.5C here. I went with my church friends and pastors to Semaphore – a local beach in Adelaide to see the fireworks. The fireworks were great, but a bit anticlimactic – I prefer the ones they have in Sydney or in the Skyshows in Adelaide (apparently the Skyshow for 2007 is cancelled due to the lack of funding) because the fireworks are choreographed to a music played in one of the radio stations.

I didn’t end up going to Port MacDonnell at the end because I didn’t feel 100% – I have sensititive skin and once or twice a year, it seems that my body goes on a melt-down and gives me grief. Well, this year, it’s around this period – very inconvenient but I suppose it is a blessing in disguise as I can’t really spend extra money for the trip – I’ve already spent too much on Christmas! I also bought another set of suit because I can’t rely on just having one suit for work! On top of that, I have now used the limit on my BankWest credit card because I need to go to Indonesia in February for my dad’s 70th birthday.

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy the A/C in my living room and then I will try to catch some shuteye. Tomorrow, I will take down all of my Christmas and New Year ornaments – no more stars or baubles, the house will be back to normal and then enjoy a relaxing and lazy day at home.

I am very excited about 2007, a year that will bring new challenges and blessings, new problems and achievements – a year where I will be shaped to be more courageous! 2006 was great too, but I have left the past behind and already got ready and set to race to the future!

Bring it on! 🙂

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  1. It is pretty symptomatic that you mention shower as the first thing in the new year 🙂

    Why do you need to be more courageous? And what are you going to do to achieve it?

  2. Hehehehe. 😛

    The courageous theme is for a couple of things, Mr Loom – one of them is to finally get a licence to drive and get a car! *laugh*

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