Another day, another baking

The maximum temperature reached 43.4C at nine minutes past three – another scorching day in Adelaide. I’m not enjoying the heatwave at all! The bad news is that the maximum temperature will only dip below 40 for two days on Tuesday and Wednesday next week before climbing up to 40 again on Thursday! 😮 Last night the temperature only went as low as 33.9C at thirty minutes past midnight. I had to sleep on the couch with the aircon on all night because it was too unbearable to sleep in my room. Tonight I will have to do the same unfortunately, as I don’t think it will be any coolder.

I did an aquarium water change because I hadn’t done so for three weeks – yeah, slack I know! I saw that my Bolivian Butterfly moved its gill rapidly, that could be a sign of nitrite poisoning so I moved quickly to change the water. I poured the poo water outside on the plants, as usual and the grass felt scrunchy and dry underneath my feet. I’m fighting a losing battle against the elements – I should’ve put some fertiliser at the beginning of Spring, but I kept on postponing it until it was too late. I hope I can remember to do it this year.

The meeting this morning went well, I find – the position does sit within my area of expertise and interest albeit a little junior compared to my previous role. However, job satisfaction ranks higher than position title and pay in my book, as long as the salary can cover my bills. 🙂 So, we’ll see what happens next – I’m having a second meeting tomorrow at 1.30pm. I will have to brave the heatwave again and face the sun. It’s quite eerie to walk around in the heat because the streets looked so deserted. Not many people were out and about in the city nor in the suburbs. They all preferred to stay indoors, rightly so. I think after three days of baking, you can rub some olive oil, salt and pepper on my skin, and I will be crispy enough to eat! 😀

The heat does provide ammunition for Adelaideans to whinge and brag to their friends and relatives all over the world. When somebody from Victoria whinged about the heat, we had the satisfaction of saying that we experienced worse. Hahaha. Religions and politic are dangerous to discuss and to complain about – the only common ground that is safe all around the world, is the weather. 🙂

I really can’t wait for Autumn to come – I don’t like the heat at all!

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