Six days of over 40C

Today’s maximum is the hottest day in sixty years here in Adelaide – the mercury reached 45.7C at 3.31pm with the minimum of 30.7C, if you call that to be a minimum, at 4.34am. The Bureau of Meteorology said that we would experience more hot days until Tuesday next week. I suppose we just need to plough through – before long the cool change will be here and Autumn will be upon us. I really can’t wait for the cooler change – I don’t like the heat at all! It dries up my trees and plants and it’s just too hard to sleep at night when it’s too hot!

The weather is a topic that’s popular all over the world though – a friend who lives in Connecticut (US) complained about the amount of snow falling in her area, whilst another friend of mine who lives in Jakarta (Indonesia) lamented the amount of rain. I wish Adelaide could have more rain and water! Send some over here – it would be nice to experience some snowfall in Adelaide too. It’s not cold enough for Adelaide to experience any snow – if it gets really cold, Adelaide Hills and Mount Lofty may receive some wisps of snow, but not much.

So today I’ve been bunkered down in my house, just keeping myself cool in the living room, under the watchful eye of my airconditioner, gently blowing cool air into the house. I went out briefly at 8.00pm to collect my mail and to water the frontyard and backyard. The plants looked stressed – poor them; they have to get used to the heat, I suppose so they can grow strong and survive the harsh elements in the Adelaide plains. I’m a bit worried for my Taiwanese cherry (Prunus campanulata) because it’s looking very sad at the moment. It only has a few leaves because the rest had been shed off because of the wind and the heat. I’m giving it more water to encourage it to survive – this will be its first Summer here. I bought the tree from a nursery in Adelaide Hills last Autumn.

It’s nearly 11am and the temperature is still in high-thirties. Urgh. I have to try to get some sleep tonight as I have a meeting at 11.30am for a possible career step. It will be a challenge for me to be formally dressed in 44C as well – perhaps I won’t wear my jacket. It will be too hot to wear my suit! Hehe.

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