Rectoverso: An Oasis in the Heat

The sun pricked my skin when I hung my washing on the clothesline just now. The mercury already reached 36.7C at 10 o’clock and I can imagine that it’s even hotter at the moment. I’m listening to Dewi Lestari’s latest album Rectoverso again. I’m quite besotted by the music and the words – the songs provided my moment of oasis as I stood jammed on my spot in the MRT in Singapore, and at the moment it seems to provide a gentle breeze throughout the house when the heat is raging outside.

Dewi Lestari, or Dee as she is affectionately known, released a book with the same title at the same time. Each short story in the book corresponds to each song in the album – I suppose if you are talented in singing, songwriting and storytelling, why not use all of those talents at the same time? 🙂 I didn’t get the chance to buy the book when I was in Jakarta, but I am so glad that I bought the CD. The album is also extra special because I happen to know Dee’s husband, Reza Gunawan. We worked together in Citibank for a short while when Reza was doing his internship. Reza is one of those guys who has a deep sensitive soul with a face of a listener … haha. You’d know what I mean when you share your stories with your friends – some would listen to you, impatient for you to reach the punchline, but very few would look at you patiently until you finish your story: no sudden eyebrow movement, no frown nor a smile. Sometimes you just want somebody to listen to you without being given an opinion or even a judgment. Reza fits that bill, in my opinion. I’ve never met Dee but from what I sense, they seem to fulfil each other quite nicely.

There are a couple of songs that struck a chord with me in the album –  Curhat Buat Sahabat (Pouring your heart to a friend) starts the album nicely about the longing that we have to be reassured that we are not alone. I get that feeling sometimes, I don’t want lofty things – just humble reassurances from time to time that I am not walking on a tightrope alone. Malaikat Juga Tahu (Angels Know As Well) is also very special. Having visited Dee’s Rectoverso website, I gained an insight on what the song was about. However, taking that aside, to me it manages to encapsulate my internal monologue about my current relationship. As you reach a certain age, when you don’t want dating for dating’s sake, you ask yourself hard questions, whether the person you are with, is the one to be with you until your last breath. In your list of criteria, whilst there are a lot of ticks, there are some crosses as well at the bottom of the list. You want her/him to be the One, and yet he/she does not really fit the image of perfection in your head. In the last couple of days, I have made peace with that idea – I am not a perfect man and she is not a perfect woman. We just need to take and give and work together so that each one of us is molded to be a better person at the end. The song ends with the following verse:

Namun tak kau lihat
Terkadang malaikat tak bersayap
Tak cemerlang, tak rupawan
Namun kasih ini, silakan kau adu
Malaikat juga tahu
Aku kan jadi juaranya

Which can be translated into the following:

However, don’t you see
Sometimes angels have no wings
They’re not luminous, nor pretty
But for my love, go ahead and challenge me
Angels know as well
I will be the victor

So, if the person who you are with does not fit your idea of perfection – look deeper into their heart and see whether their love will actually outshine other better-looking suitors. 🙂

Another song that is beautiful because of its poetic lyric is Selamat Ulang Tahun (Happy Birthday). Somehow I really love this line: “Miliaran panah jarak kita, tak jua tumbuh sayapku.” (Between us there’s a distance of millions of arrows, but I have not grown any wings). Beautiful, isn’t it?

So go and get the album if you can – I don’t want to disect each song because you can’t overanalyse matters for the heart. Some things are meant to be savoured and enjoyed, and not to be over pondered. So Dee, if you happen to come across this blog, Salam Kenal – I’m your new fan. 😀

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