Gong Xi Fa Chai – Oy, Oy, Oy!


Chinese New Year coincides with Australia Day this year, on January 26. Traditionally, the day is used for family reunions so since neither I nor my friends here do not have any relatives in Adelaide, we didn’t have any celebrations at all.

I got up late today – at 11.30am – because I was just so tired yesterday. Vito, Caven, Mary then came over because we initially planned to go to Glenelg – the most well-known beachside suburb in Adelaide. Then the Adinugrohos came around as well to pick up a parcel that I carried from Indonesia for them – we ended up modifying our route and visited Morialta Falls in the eastern part of Adelaide. The idea of seeing a waterfall and wading in the clear stream in Adelaide was such a pleasant idea especially since today was a hot day here in Adelaide. However, when we reached our destination, we found out that the creeks were dry as a bone. There was no falls in Morialta Falls – the tourist board confirmed it as well because it mentioned that the creeks were overflowing in Autumn and Winter and created a series of waterfalls. In Summer: zilch, nada, nichts, nothing.

After a series of wrong turns, we decided to head to the beach. At least, we would find some water there. 😛 First stop was West Beach, unfortunately there weren’t any ice cream vendors, no delis, and no place for us to relax and enjoy the view. So we headed due north to Henley Beach, where we had a rest for a while underneath the sail in the middle of the ‘square’. Some of us were so content that they didn’t want to walk on the sand and into the water. I had fun walking on the warm sand and into the cool water – it was very relaxing indeed: a perfect Australia Day’s celebration. 🙂 I didn’t bring my swimming trunks and besides I’ve never been comfortable swimming in public because of the marks on my skin. At least I’m getting more and more brave now – I walked around in the water wearing my three-quarter pants. It was so nice to feel the water and the wind on my exposed legs … such freedom. 🙂 The beach was quite packed, but not too crowded – we saw some lifesavers on training as well as groups of families and friends relaxing on the sand or swimming in the sea.

We were feeling a bit peckish, so we went to the city for dinner and because we felt we had to have a more special dinner, we went to a more upmarket Chinese restaurant called Anytime in Pulteney Street. Because of the currently tight personal fiscal policy, I opted to order my own rice dish. From experience, if I join a shared-dish arrangement, we end up paying more per person. Some of my friends opted for the same arrangement except for three of my friends who shared four dishes of meal with rice. So that was my Chinese New Year celebration – lowkey and controlled. It wasn’t a proper Chinese New Year celebration at all – the Chinese prefer to have huge celebrations with explosions of noises, colours, and dishes. Nevertheless, it was a great Australian Day celebration – relaxing, sunny and exhilarating. 🙂

It’s a hot night here in Adelaide – my portable fan is whirring in the study as I’m listening to the songs sung by  the Fron Male Voice Choir – they seem like a proper company for me this evening. 🙂 It’s thirteen minutes to midnight and the temperature is still 30.9C here in the study, 27.8C outside. It will be hot for the next three days – consider this, I will have three days of 41C with the minimum temperature at night being 23C, 25C and 27C  respectively. I have experienced such days before and I can withstand hot days as long as the evenings are cool. The 25C and the 27C will be difficult to sleep to so I will have to turn the aircon all night, I’m afraid!

So if you’re reading this and you had an Australian Day celebration or a Chinese New Year family celebration; or even both – Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Australian Day! Gong Xi Fa Chai – Oy, Oy, Oy!

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