It’s HOT! It;’s Friggin’ Hot!

It has been another hot day here in Adelaide – the temperature reached 41.4C with the minimum only about 29C at 6am this morning. It was a hot day yesterday as well – 40.7C. Urgh, give me a nice Autumn weather anytime! I’ve been staying indoor all day today except for the walk down to the petrol station around midday to buy the newspaper and a packet of crisp. The airconditioner was on pretty much the whole day whilst I sat and slept in the living room – I also watched ‘Finding Neverland’ for the first time. I like it – I like it a lot, a nice heartwarmer although I have to admit that I’m still not a big fan of Johnny Depp even though I like the movies that he is in, such as ‘Chocolat’ and now, ‘Finding Neverland’.

Well, it’s nearly 10pm and the temperature is still around 32C – I took a shower earlier trying to make myself cooler, but it’s a bit pointless really. Well, a cool change will be coming tonight so hopefully it will be a better day tomorrow, temperature-wise! I’m much more of a cooler weather person!

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