Ghost Town

As somebody who loves Gervais’ earlier works (The Office, Extra), I wanted to like the movie a lot.

However, Ghost Town is ordinary, awkward, and forced – there was no chemistry between Gervais and Leoni. It’s like a deja vu situation that brought me back to the days when Rowan Atkinson was the ‘British comic’ du jour so Hollywood had to create Mr Bean movies.

The story is about a cold, heartless English dentist called Dr. Bertram Pincus who works in New York. Because he was clinically dead for seven minutes, he can see dead people. He was contacted by Frank (Greg Kinnear) who wanted Pincus to help him settle an unfinished business with his wife. To cut a long story short, Pincus discovered his heart, fell in love with the wife, the ghost was happy. Very groundbreaking.

There are hillarious moments in the movie but they are too far in-between. In the movie, Gervais switched his persona from being the role that he played (a cold, detached dentist), to the role that he played in The Office or Extra – a conceited, rambling man with incoherent one-liners that can be really funny. Unfortunately such moments felt ‘forced’ into the movie.

A bit forgettable – sorry, Ricky!



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