The joy of waiting – Changi Airport

I checked out of the apartment at 11.00am, after having my breakfast at McDonald’s. They had Mega Sausage McMuffin with Egg – whoa! I’ve always loved McDonald’s breakfast so it seemed like a logical choice, especially since the shop was at the basement of the apartment. I then went on a detour to Borders but I didn’t buy any more books – I had to reign myself in!

At first I planned to go to the airport, check my bags, and then head back to the city for some more exploration. However, having bought all that I needed, I really didn’t have any need to head back to town. I could’ve stored my bags at the apartment and then explored the city some more, but I had had enough of Orchard Road. My flight is still about six hours away, but there are heaps of things to do at Changi Airport. I can always have a shuteye if things are too boring or tiring. They’re doing a refurbishing project at Terminal 1, so the terminal felt a bit cramped. Nevertheless, I still love being holed up in Changi Airport – I can surf for free using my own laptop, or I can use the large number of internet terminals scattered around the airport. The shops are stock standard airport shops – but at least there are a lot more cafes now that make the place less ‘sterile’. Besides, I’m accompanied by a good book that I picked from the book sale yesterday: Christopher Bram’s Exiles in America.

I didn’t contact any of my friends in Singapore, simply because I wanted to have a me-time. It gets really tiring after a while telling the same story over and over again about my current state of relationship, my family back home, and so forth. I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I’m reverting back to my introverted self at the moment. I just don’t feel like being social, after doing so for two weeks … hehehehe.

I’m feeling a bit peckish now – I haven’t had any lunch yet after my big breakfast at McDonald’s. I’m going on a walkabout around the terminal and see whether I can have some sushi or anything delicious to eat. I don’t think I’ll post any more blog entries until I land in Adelaide. Hopefully the house is still in one piece and that my housemate hasn’t killed any of my plants … hahaha. 😀


I can’t resist writing more, but my rants don’t warrant a new entry so I thought I’d just insert an addendum here. I’m freshly showered and now waiting outside my gate already even though I still have about 30 minutes before the gate is opened. I thought I would be tempted to buy yet another cologne from the duty-free shop, but knowing that the Australian Dollar is currently weaker than Singapore Dollar has put a dampener on my impulse. AUD is now 0.947 – 0.95 to SGD here at the airport – according to Google, it’s 0.987. Based on limited observation, there aren’t many passengers who purchase duty-free items. I suppose everybody has to watch their expenses in this time of crisis!

Well, I’m back to people-watching and browsing at the same time! My macbook’s battery has been charged to the hilt, so I can just kill time by browsing the Net. I’m stil a geek after all! 🙂

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