The milestone that was …

It seems very strange when you reach a greatly anticipated milestone – after the moment passes, it seems that all of the effort, energy and time spent to make the milestone a successful one don’t measure up to the event itself. I’m resting now at my older brother’s house after spending the evening, celebrating my parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary. All of the siblings were involved in the preparation of the event – I created a clip for them, highlighting their history as well as showcasing each of the children; my eldest sister arranged the cakes; my older brother arranged the photographer and the video man; my fifth sister made all of the souvenirs; my second sister did a large portion of the financing; my fourth sister coordinated everything; and so forth. Everybody had a role to make the event a successful one.

It was certainly a success even though some of my siblings still felt that we should’ve had more attendees because we had heaps of leftover food at the hotel. I felt that there were a lot of guests already and that the number was good enough for me to recognise most of the attendants and that very few of them felt like total strangers to me. We invited around 100 guests + spouse / partner and had the event in one of the historic hotels in Bandung, the art-deco Savoy Homann Hotel. That’s how I’d like my wedding reception to be – a small gathering of close relatives and friends, so that I will recognise most if not all of the attendees.

My mum and dad cried at several points in the celebration – they cried, well it was my Dad who cried really, when they exchanged rings during the service; and my mum cried when she saw the clip that I made. My Dad was really animated throughout the night, thanks to the vitamin injection that the doctor had given him prior to the celebration. The food was great, the invitees had a great time, we also had a lot of time to have group photos – a ritual not to be missed in Asian wedding! What more could I complain about? I chose to see it from a glass-half-full point of view. 🙂

The thing that is a bit strange is that … well, that’s it. We’ve passed the Golden Wedding Anniversary, and that’s it. Life goes on as usual … It was just one moment in time that was so hoped for and anticipated for, and when we’ve passed it, the anticipation that accompanied the moment also evaporated afterward. It just feels so strange. I can understand how one old song says, “If I could save time in a bottle …”. It would be nice for me to save the moment when we celebrated my parents’ golden wedding anniversary; the moment that I saw my late brother the last time; the sense of freedom and peace when I stood surrounded by the fjords in Reine, Norway; and many other moments to cherish …

Congratulations, Ma, Pa for passing such a great milestone in your life – through their loyalty, love, and persistence, I have become the man that I am. I hope I can learn the great things that they have imparted into my life, and improve the things that could and should be changed, when I have my own children.

I know I shouldn’t live in the past – there are many more moments to cherish in the future. I just need to remind myself that when I’ve passed a milestone, I have to look forward to the milestones that I will achieve in the future. I hope one day in the future, I can reread my old blog entries and relive those moments, along with the anticipation and the sense of relief.

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