All this rain, and none in Adelaide!

It was raining all night in Jakarta, and not just the kind of drizzle that we have in Adelaide, but a real rain – not an andante but more like an allegro! 🙂 Because of the rain, I was serenaded by the croaks of the frogs in early morning. I had never heard it live before and it was an endearing sound – it was a sweet reassurance that I was truly back in the Tropics. The forecast for Adelaide today is 41C – HAWT! It’s 25C in Jakarta at the moment. Just nice. 🙂

I arrived last night after one full day of travelling. I got up at 4.45am yesterday, took my shower and headed to the airport with Gideon, one of the guys from church who wanted to drive me to the airport. I had booked a taxi before but cancelled it because Gideon wanted to meet and have a chat with me about the issues facing him. We had a good discussion over coffee. 🙂 My flight was at 7.15am and I arrived in Perth at about 9.00am local time. I had to wait for four hours at the airport because my flight from Perth to Singapore was at 1.00pm. The airport in Perth is very oddly configured – once you land in the domestic terminal, you have to walk to the sales desk, get a voucher for the interterminal bus, and then ride a 20-minute busride through the restricted area at the airport including a ride through the bush, before arriving at the international terminal. How odd is that? :O I went through Perth before in 2006 when I did my Nordic Sojourn trip so I wasn’t too concerned about it this time round.

In Singapore I had to wait for two hours before I flew with ValuAir to Jakarta. Unfortunately the officers at Changi airport confiscated the two bottles of laxatives that my sister wanted to buy for her son. The officers there wouldn’t listen to my reasoning that the bottles had passed the security in Australia, and that they were medicine. My annoyance and disappointment was probably visible on my face as I sat waiting for my flight. Hehe.

The flights were all stock standard with nothing extraordinary to write. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch any movie on the way to Singapore, because the sound on my entertainment system wouldn’t play properly – I used the time to catch up with my sleep.

So, there you go, my third trip to Indonesia! January 2008, February 2008, August 2008 and now January 2009. I should get extra frequent flyer points! *laugh*. Today I’m going to meet with my ex-colleagues from Citibank at 11.30 at Pacific Place – other than that, I will have to stop by the department store on the way back to get some undies and socks. I thought I would have plenty of room in my luggage, but one former member of our church wanted me to bring along his folder back to Indonesia. That, and a huge container filled with fruit, occupied my luggage so I had to make my sacrifice. I only have enough undies and socks for two days! Yeah, I know – too much informatio – but you’re reading it nevertheless, right? 😆

Have a great day!

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