My God has a great sense of humour

I returned from church this evening to find out that the unidentified-plant with forever-closed purple daisy-like flowers that sort of plonked itself on my frontyard, had this gigantic dandelionesque spores. So I ripped the plant out and tried to keep the spores intact, whilst at the same time juggled with my bag and the housekeys. When I got to the front door, I discovered that the new Yellow Pages had been delivered earlier. I opened the security door and my front door, leaving the Yellow Pages outside, and walked straight to the backdoor, after putting my bag and the book down on the breakfast table.

Had I had a clear mind, I would’ve automatically put a doorstop on the backdoor, as any slight wind would cause it to shut, and once the backdoor is shut, it can’t be opened from the outside. Because I was so dead set to dispose the plant, I didn’t remember to put a doorstop to keep the door open. I had a sinking feeling when I heard the door shut after I put the plant in the rubbish bin … With no spare keys and no open windows, I was locked outside – and it was cold and windy …

Somehow I managed not to be frustrated or angry, I chuckled to myself thinking that God had such a good sense of humour, that he left a Yellow Pages in front of my front door, because He knew I would lock myself out that day. I called a locksmith that cost me $130 only for a 2 second work … The locksmith didn’t accept any credit card, and it happened that I had some cash with me today because I was due to pay the remaining cost of the A/C that was installed on Friday. I planned to meet the A/C guy on Tuesday, and now I may have to change it to Thursday so I can pay him after my payday … Ah well! C’est la vie! 🙂 🙂 [At least I didn’t miss “Australian Idol” tonight! Haha]

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  1. Hei, we were in one of the Ausie Idol nights when we were in Sydney last Oct’06! didn’t u see us on the tv?……hehehe……There were Daniel,me, nasya, denzel and 2 ladies that I would love you to be in touch with!One is Australian born Chinese Indo and the other is Indo studying in Syd. BTW the Indo that study in Sydney is studying media with a scholarship in HillSong college…….(hint….hint….hint……), she was one of Daniel’s team in promotion in RCTI before she took the scholarship. And she is only 25………..

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