Lessons in Patience

The last couple of days have provided me with lessons in patience. Well, the quest for my next job is still ongoing. I constantly scour the career websites for any vacancies that are within my range of expertise and experience. I know that I have to be patient since many companies are still in holiday mode at the moment.

On a personal note, I learn that I have to be patient with other people. On Saturday, a group of us from church went for a trip to Whispering Wall, near the Barossa Valley. Whispering Wall is actually a reservoir wall that creates great accoustic so somebody on one side can be heard clearly on the other side of the wall. The trip ended up becoming a comedy of errors, as one car took a wrong turn so we had to wait in Whispering Wall for a while before they turned up. By then, we needed to return to Adelaide because some of my friends were expected to be at the music practice at 5.00pm. Of course then, after the car arrived, the girls regrouped and walked along the Wall again and took numerous pictures of themselves. I gave them some time to enjoy themselves but after a while, I got impatient and got snappy – I told them that we had to get going if we wanted to make it to the city by 5.00pm. I even rejected the request of having a picture taken between me and Yani because I said we didn’t have time. 😳 [I have apologised about it afterwards … hahaha] 🙂

Returning to Adelaide, we were also led astray by the GPS that insisted that we went through Old Bethel Road – it was an unsealed dead-end. Haha. We did make it to the city at the end by relying on the GPS on my iPhone! There were other incidents that really tested my patience on the day, but they were all too petty to mention in the grand scheme of things! Maybe it’s true that I apply my (Citi)banker’s traits on my personal life – which may not be wise in a lot of cases. I have to learn that in certain cases, it’s not good to be a task-oriented person. 🙂

I also have to be more stern with my housemate — I simply don’t know his ins-and-outs, whether he’s going to sleep here or over at another house. I don’t want to be a paternal figure, and I don’t want to be too authoritative either, but I suppose at the end of the day, it’s my house. If he wants to use the house as a storage only and sleeps elsewhere, that’s fine by me, but I just need to know the boundaries where he and I operate in. Today he mentioned earlier that he was sleeping here, but then I didn’t hear anything at all until he rocked up at 11.45pm, just to pick up a clean shirt for work tomorrow and said that he would be sleeping over elsewhere. I was pretty annoyed because of that, and even more when he and the other two guys (who are also my friends from church) dilly-dallied outside past midnight. I’m the one who needs to face my neighbours and live here, after they move on with their life! He did notice my displeasure and chatted with me online – I was frank with him about my being upset. He said that it would never happen again. 🙂

So I have had good trainings in patience – today, I also gave my stern advice to two other Indonesian friends. I hate sounding like a paternal figure, but I suppose that’s something that I should expect with my age. Hahahaha. 🙂

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