The Maker of the Road

One minute shy of midday, on the first day of 2009 – and I’m sitting with my second cup of coffee, listening to Mario Frangoulis’ second album, Follow Your Heart. I haven’t listened to the album for years and it’s a good soundtrack to celebrate the first day of the year. I got up late today as I went to bed only at about 3.30am. January 1st in Adelaide is a breezy, overcast day with sunshine coming through the clouds and patches of blue sky – almost like an omen for the year with its challenges and crisis.

I’m not overly worried about what will happen to me and to the rest of the world this year. Like a small boy, I just need to hold on to my Father’s hand and follow His footsteps wherever He goes. In the past years, He walked leisurely, allowing me to hop and laugh, enjoying the sceneries around me. He picked up His pace last year, rushing through the crowd which confused and scared me, but I held on to His arm. No doubt this year will also be a maddening rush through the crowd, zigzagging  our way through life, walking through the alleys and corridors with their unexpected turns and slopes. Things will be okay, as long as I keep on holding to His arms. I won’t get lost.

The last song on Michael English Greatest Hits CD is called The Maker of The Road and it goes like this:

The Maker of The Road

I can’t see in front of me
I’m too scared to move
Fear has come, blinding me
I don’t know what to do
But something tells me
I worried for nothing
And my heart reminds me of one thing

Lord, You are the maker of the road
And You know where I’m going
So I don’t have to worry
‘Cause You have gone before me
I won’t be afraid
And I can face tomorrow
Because the One I follow
Is the maker of the road
The maker of the road

So take these hands
And take these feet
And lead me where
You want me to be
And every step, and every breath
I want to follow faithfully
And if I lose my sense of direction
I will turn my eyes up to Heaven

Step by step You lead me
And I will follow You all of my days
Step by step You lead me
And I will follow You all of my days

So, I’m walking on, with a smile, and looking up to Heaven. When I get afraid, I just need to look at my Father’s eyes for His reassurance, because He knows where we’re heading and I know He won’t lead me to places that I can’t handle. 🙂 I’m in good company, He is the maker of my road.

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