MMIX: A New Beginning

Yes! We’re finally in 2009! It’s 1.48am here in Adelaide – on the first day of the year. I’m feeling pretty tired and sleepy but my friends are still in the backyard having a chinwag.

We had a gathering in Flagstaff Hill earlier in the evening where we prayed together and shared our experiences in 2008. We finished at about 11.30pm, but some of us wanted to see the fireworks up close in the City or in Glenelg, so we said our goodbye and rushed to the city. I did feel a wee bit uneasy leaving the host to rush back to the city, as they had been a great host for the evening. They wanted us to stay and to greet the New Year together with them. 🙁 I warned my friends who wanted to see the fireworks that we wouldn’t have time to head to the city, and that it would be better for us to head to Flinders University nearby and see the fireworks from afar, since the university was located on top of a hill. They didn’t want to do that, so we rushed to Glenelg instead – the main roads leading to the beach were already closed, so we were actually in the car, in Coles’ carpark when the clock struck midnight. Hahaha. We saw a couple of glimpses of the fireworks when they rose behind the tall buildings. Haha. Quite memorable by the absurdity of the situation! 😀 The other car managed to find a parking space and some of them walked down to the beach apparently.

After that, Gideon, Kornelius, Daniel, and Hans wanted to head to my house to chat, so that’s where we have been since midnight. I’m getting tired myself and I’m planning to have a shower first before I head to bed so I can sleep clean. I have changed the bedsheet in anticipation of the new year. A new start! 🙂

So wherever you are in the world, happy New Year and please don’t feel too gloomy to face 2009. Yes, it will be a challenging year and we may face more waves of financial uncertainty, but I’ve been down to the ‘valley’, and maybe I’m still there now, but I can say that God is always there to keep me going, to strengthen me, and to bless me.

Keep your faith! 🙂

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