Wake me up inside …

I don’t know why I feel so unmotivated and lethargic today – maybe it’s because of the heat. It’s currently 33.7C here in Adelaide, probably the hottest October day on record and we’re still in Spring, supposedly!

I am getting an airconditioner installed on Friday though, so at least I’m better prepared for Summer than last year. There were some really hot days earlier this year and I had to sit down in the backyard, turn the sprinkler on and soak myself wet to cool down. It’s good that the house has high ceiling, but as it was REALLY hot outside, there was little that I could do inside to keep myself cool besides drawing the curtain and turning the fan on. The Bureau of Meteorology mentioned that El Niño phenomenon would return to Australia again this year so everybody should expect a longer, dryer and hotter summer. I do feel sorry for the farmers and the graziers, as they haven’t really recovered from past drought. I’m not looking forward to having to water my plants more religiously too, since we would have less rain. On top of that, there’s a strong possibility that we would have stricter water restriction this Summer.

So yeah, I don’t know why I’m feeling so disinterested with work today – maybe this is the holiday-withdrawal syndrome! I mean, I’ve just had a great long holiday just in August and here I am in the first week of October, already losing steam … *sigh*.

My body’s still pretty sore as well due to the physical activities that I had during the church camp (The Ultimate Challenge) during the Labour long weekend. My back and shoulder are slowly feeling better but perhaps this is a good opportunity for me to start doing some religious exercise at home so I won’t end up being a fat man. Haha. I had a great time during the camp in Glenhaven Park in Stockport, SA – I did some low-rope activities, including a stint in the giant swing. Whopeeeeeeeee. It was scary at first but I really enjoyed the sense of exhilaration and freedom as I was swung up the sky again. It was also good for me to share some leadership principles with the young members of the church.

Anyway, I’ll just blame my lethargy on my biorhythm and the heat … I hope it would go away soon … *SIGH*.

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