Kimba, the resident Mouse

While I was away, Lou who kindly did the house sitting for me mentioned that I had a companion in the house, a mouse. She said that the mouse scared her in the living room when it dashed under the TV cabinet. I guess it’s due to happen since I bought an old house.

I didn’t need to wait very long before the mouse informed me of its presence after I returned to Adelaide. I was in the study room last week when I heard some rustling in the wastepaper basket that was full of Laimas Serenāde (the nougat-chocolate that I bought in Riga). I didn’t get the chance to see it as I could only see a dash of black blob darting across the room.

The second incident was last night – I finished my highly nutritious tinned chicken and mushroom soup (it tasted alright actually, especially with added tabasco) and was lying down on the couch in the living room. The fireplace was on and I suppose the aroma of the soup attracted Kimba (I have christened the mouse, Kimba) as it scurried into the room, climbed on the couch and had the guts to try to target my face. It friggin’ startled me so I jumped from the couch and with that, he scurried back somewhere else.

I have put a Mortein mousetrap with a piece of cheese in it in the living room, and since I know that he likes the soup, I took a dollop of it on top of the cheese – but so far, no luck! I’ve bought another mousetrap today along with Kraft crunchy peanut butter because I heard that mice love peanut butter. He’d better as I didn’t buy a homebrand!!!! *grin* 😛 I hope I would succeed this time as I wouldn’t want to have something scurrying around! I already killed my first Huntstman spider too the other day – ah Australia, the land of rural wildlife …

I’ll keep you posted …

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  1. Arry, why are you harassing the poor animal? I think you should appreciate what Mother Nature has sent you!

    When I last had a mouse in my house, my cat (the gray furry one) used to play with it. Finally I started to chase the mouse with a flyflap, so it hid itself under the cat’s belly… Tuvi protected it like a lion! Well, it ended sadly… finally the striped cat came and ate the mouse 🙁

  2. Kimba is dead … or at least I think he is. The trap that I bought on September 7th, snapped just a couple of hours after I set it. I guess he must have liked the Kraft Crunchy peanut butter … 😛

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