Let the poor say I am rich

As usual, I’m writing my blog entry in the wee hour of the morning. It’s practically Monday morning now – which brings with itself a new week and a new start. I had a great  Sunday which began by getting up too late to water my plants. Those living in odd-numbered houses in Adelaide can only water the plants on Sunday and Wednesday, 6am – 9am or 6pm – 9pm. I woke up at 10am, which meant that I was too late already. I ended up doing my washing and then rushing to get ready for church, after having my coffee and finishing two pieces of Smørbukk – a type of caramel sweets that I received all the way from Norway.

The service today was great – we were reminded again about faith, hope and obedience. It’s a message that’s also true in my life in recent times. The pastor and his wife are long-time friends of our pastor, and it was great to see them again, along with their three boys. I led praise and worship during the service today and even though my situation was far from perfect, I wanted to lead the last Sunday service for the year in a positive note. I wanted to thank God for His faithfulness and His provision in my life. Even when the situation is painful and unpleasant, I can surely say that God has been faithful and that He is truly the great provider.

After service, we were invited by the pastor and the wife to go to Gaucho’s – an Argentinian steak restaurant in Gouger Street, in the city: one of the best in town. They wanted to celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary with our pastor’s family – they also invited me, Yani, and Novi as well. A line from a well-known gospel song came across my head: “And now, … let the poor say I am rich because of what the Lord has done for us: Give thanks!”. That was certainly my situation! There I was, a nearly-broke guy, dining in a top restaurant in town! 😀 I definitely could not afford dining there in my current financial standing, when a plateful of nice 500g wagyu steak cost about $80. I had a great steak, accompanied by a glass of Shiraz, some chocolate for dessert, and a latté in a different café later on.

Today, I learnt a subtle lesson that if God wanted to bless me with a nice meal, it should not be my issue how it would be delivered — He could give me the money to pay for it, let somebody else to bless me, or just give me a sense of utter enjoyment through the simple meal at home. I just need to give thanks in all circumstances.

By the time I arrived home, it was already past midnight – I ended up chatting to a friend of mine who offered to help me with my situation. I was, and still am, feeling very much humbled and embarassed by his gesture. Just when I am losing some of my fairweather friends because of my predicament, some are sticking with me through thick and thin. He said, “If you want to you can consider it as a loan. Payback to Red Cross or some other appropiate organisation when you are ready. And if you ever find a girl and get married  and start a family consider it a wedding present.” He mentioned that he would feel terrible if I did not let him help me, when he knew that I needed assistance. You know who you are … I feel indebted to you already. Thank you for the help, and I pray that God will bless you bountifully through your work and everything you do! I hope and pray that I make you proud as well. Thank you! 😳 😥

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