God jul, alle sammen!

It’s Christmas day here in Adelaide – birds are chirping outside on a warm morning. I’m playing my Oslo Domkirkes Guttekor Christmas CD at the moment, just to fill the air with some yuletide cheers. The CD made its way all the way from Norway earlier this month! 🙂 Thank you, Hugo! I had my Christmas breakfast cooked by my housemate – fried rice with eggs and leftover ham. Last night we went to a townhouse in Kent Town for a Christmas Eve gathering, and we didn’t even touch the ham, so it was carved and distributed around. More on the gathering later! So this morning I got up and offered a simple prayer just to greet the day – it’s Christmas! I’m still yet to take a shower or get dressed – still walking around in my nightshirt and sarong. Haha. No presents to open, no barbeques to tend. 🙂

The gathering last night was good – we had some chicken roll, pork, roast potatoes, carrots, peas, macaroni schotel, and some minced pies. We wanted to have a more ‘Australian’ feel to our Christmas eve – it was a last minute plan as well, as the host initially wanted to cook turkey. I warned him that it would take too long to cook turkey especially if we would just start cooking on the day. I helped him shop at the nearby Coles – we also went to Castle Plaza to get some marinated chicken roll at Lenard’s. Unfortunately because I’m also very much of an amateur when it comes to Christmas cooking, I forgot to ask him to buy some gravy and we only realised it when we had our meal. Nevertheless, it was a good one because at least we had our Christmas meal with friends, not alone in our respective houses. There were about nine of us adults, and two children. As mentioned we didn’t even touch the ham at the end because we were so full – we didn’t have any ice cream nor soft-drink at the end!

I went home taking the last bus with my housemate and we ended up talking until 2am, about life, about our relationships. We share a lot of similarities when it comes to melancholy and the challenges we face in establishing a relationship. It was good for me to learn to open up some more and share myself with my friends, rather than having big emotional barriers around me. I also shared in the gathering earlier, that I learned so much this year about being vulnerable. As somebody who had always been self-sufficient: emotionally, mentally, and physically, my months of uncertainty without work and financial stability had actually taught me about vulnerability. I learned that in my vulnerability, I had to trust God more – a reminder that I couldn’t do it all by myself. My budding relationship has also taught me to be emotionally vulnerable – to expose my moodiness, my melancholic tendencies – and to address them. Subsequently, I also learn to address her weaknesses without being overly critical or judgmental – to accept that there are things that can only be changed over time.

So that’s my Christmas! I also distributed my Christmas cards to my neighbours yesterday even though I had only said hi to a very few of them. In such a gloomy world, it’s my duty to spread the joy! CHRISTMAS is HERE!



Happy birthday, Jesus! 😀

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