“For you, a thousand times over …”

I finished Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner” whilst waiting on my connecting flight to Singapore.

It’s not a new book anymore as it was out a couple of years ago but if somebody out there wants to read a good book, this book’s a great choice! My emotions got a good work-out from reading “The Kite Runner” as I had to put the book down from time to time, feeling really angry and wanting to give one of the character a good *BAP!* across the head. I won’t tell you who, and what happens, but the book cleverly involves you in the main character’s inner thoughts and emotions and what happens to him and his servant-friend. The Kite Runner also provides an insight to what happened in Afghanistan, from a coup-d’état to Soviet invasion, and the days of the Talibans. Really engrossing, and really rewarding …

For you, a thousand times over …

David Lodge, 'Thinks...'

On to the next unread book that has been sitting on my bookshelves for ages, David Lodge’s “Thinks…”. The 2002 Christmas present from my friend Sean in Singapore. So far so good, I had a good chuckle or two on the bus this morning!

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