The Shortest Night

Today is supposed to be the longest day of the year – Summer Solstice, when the length of the night is the shortest in the Southern Hemisphere, but is the longest in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s just a couple of minutes after 7.00pm and I’m sitting in the backyard, listening to the chirps and croaks of the rosellas on the trees, connected to the Internet via the wireless and sipping some Pepsi. I generally don’t drink soda thesedays but I have a half-drunk bottle of Pepsi in my bag. I had to buy one this morning for the caffeine boost as I didn’t have the opportunity to have any coffee before my interview this morning. How did the interview go? It went well, I believe – they’re keen to get the process rolling as judiciously as possible, so hopefully I can get a favourable outcome out of this one. I still haven’t heard anything from the previous interview – the lady from the executive research said that she would contact me sometime this week and that the lack of news from them should not be the source of concern. 😕

I still have my faith – the extra boost that I experienced yesterday still sustains me today. I’ve been listening to Katherine Jenkins’ Rejoice over and over again. 🙂 Apart from the interview, today is a very relaxing day. I stopped by the supermarket after I had my interview and a detour to a nearby Cibo in Rundle Mall for a large cup of Cibocino. I bought several necessities, like milk and some nuts for snacking – no major purchases nor any veggies. I know, I know, I should eat more veggies! 😛

From today, the hours of daylight will slowly diminish again until it reaches the Winter Solstice in June – another cycle to complete. Shortly, I will close off this year and begin a new one – yes, this year has been painful, but it has also been a year full of blessings and memorable experiences. God knows that I probably feel more comfortable riding a merry-go-round, so He takes me out of my ride and puts me in an exhilarating rollercoaster. Whoopee! 😀

I’ve just finished my Pepsi, so perhaps I should have a nice cup of green tea, as a subtle celebration of a fine afternoon! 🙂

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