It’s official – the holiday is over

Well, all good things must come to an end … I’m back at Changi Airport, showered and refreshed, ready for the flight home to Australia. I’m flying to Sydney first and then on to Adelaide. The flight from Amsterdam to Singapore was really smooth, I had a good sleep on the plane too and I managed to finish “The Kite Runner” while waiting for the flight (all in all, I spent about six hours in Schiphol). I also had a good shower at the Mercure Hotel at the airport, albeit having to pay 12.5 Euro for the luxury. After the 12 hours of flight, I also had another shower at Sjoerd’s apartment so now I’m feeling human again and ready to return to Adelaide, and yes, for a shower at home! There, you must be happy with the number of “showers” I have mentioned in this blog entry. 😛

It feels a bit weird going back to my old routine – happy to go home, yet very sad that my holiday is over. At least I will have fun sharing the experience of my trip to my friends and those who care to listen! 🙂

Well, I’m off now to pee and after that I’m going to go to the gate! Oorroo! 🙂

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  1. You mentioned ‘shower’ 5 times. Yes, I am content now. For a while, I grew pretty worried since you didn’t even mention shower in your entries that concerned the Baltics and Prague. May I assure you that all these countries have advanced plumbing and soap is freely sold in shops.

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