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It’s 1.00am on Monday morning and I’m way past my bedtime because I need to get up early for my interview at 8.30am in Magill. I just want to share my experience on Sunday. As I wrote in my previous blog entry, I started the day feeling energised. Even when I went to church in the afternoon, the joy and the energy continued. I felt confident and secure in God. After church, a group of us went to Elder Park for the Carols by Candlelight and even though I felt some frustration because nobody else in the group had the initiative to bring something to eat, drink or even a simple mat for us to sit on. I was the sole provider of the drinks, the food – some kind of host father for the evening. 🙄 Again, I learned to let the frustration go rather than having it brewing in my mind.

I went home taking the bus at 11.20pm and on the way home, I just felt peace – warm northern winds were blowing away as I walked from the bus stop. I was singing along to the jazzy Urban Knights song that was playing on my iPhone, making up my own words. I ended up singing over and over again “Jesus, you are so good”. The next song after Urban Knights’ “The Promise” was Katherine Jenkins’ “Rejoice”. I was overwhelmed by gratitude and I could feel Him through the balmy winds and through the stars in the sky. I ended up walking home teary-eyed because I was overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness in my life. I thought somebody must have been praying for me at that moment, to create such an impact.

God does speak to me through music – and the moments when He does, are the moments that I cherish.

Rejoice Katherine Jenkins

Where did I misplace my faith
Where did I set it down
Which one the day that I forgot
What this was all about
And I came so close
To throwing it all away
But I’m taking it back again

So come and rejoice
Come and rejoice
What was lost is found

When did I get so sensible
Make me a fool again
My life was a half empty glass
Now it is half full again
And this road we take
Is never an easy place
But somehow we’ve found our way

So come and rejoice
Come and rejoice
And you don’t even have to make a sound
I feel it in your touch
You sing it with your eyes
What was lost is found

So come and rejoice
Come and rejoice
What was lost is, what was lost is
What was lost is found
What was lost is found

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