Have a Verve-iffic Veekend!



Sunday morning is here again – a balmy day awaits. I haven’t seen the sun yet because it’s been a cloudy morning so far. I’ve finished my coffee – a little stronger than usual because I didn’t have enough milk. I’m enjoying the relaxing morning while listening to my Verve Remixed 4 CD – a collection of remixed jazzy tunes. A little of James Brown at 10.30am is quite energising! I have all four CDs of Verve Remixed including their Verve Remixed Christmas CD that I mentioned in a previous blog entry. They are all fantastic!

The weekend has proven to be quite a busy one – yesterday I went to Barossa Valley with some friends from church and visited a couple of wineries: Richmond Grove, Peter Lehmann and Chateau Tanunda. We had lunch in a little ‘resort’ complex called Barossa Weintal Resort – $8.50 for a nice plate of beef curry at a resort complex! I only bought a bottle of 2008 Late Harvest Peter Lehmann Frontignac because one of the girls in the group decided to buy six of the bottles, so she could get the extra bottle for free. She then on-sold the wine to us, so we could have it cheaper. Quite enterpreneurial, eh? Something different that I noticed from the group is that – wine afficionados would go to a winery, taste some wines, see whether they like the blend, and then check the price and if the price is within their range, they will do a purchase – whereas some of my friends would straight away ask for the specials and do some price calculation, even before doing any tasting! 🙂

Tonight after church we plan to go to the Carols by Candlelight at Elder Park – the concert itself starts at 8.00pm but I plan to be there early so we can secure a nice spot while having a picnic. I’m chilling a bottle of 2004 Starvedog Lane Sauvignon Blanc – I still have some bottles and I want to finish them in the near future. I will bring some cheese and I may bring another bottle of red as well – we’ll see. I plan to head to town earlier today so I can buy some crackers and salami, and a picnic pack if I can. It’s a great feeling to sing Christmas carols in the midst of thousands of flickering candles! I can’t stay late tonight though considering that I have an interview on Monday at 8.30am! 😮 I received a call on Friday inviting me to an interview that was initially scheduled for 9.00am, however they wanted me to do some pre-interview work at 8.30am so that would mean that I need to make my way from home at 7.00am because they’re located in the far eastern part of Adelaide.

As you can probably sense, I’m not feeling that uptight nor low about my situation at the moment. My feelings and moods have their ebbs and tides – I just need to manage them, continue to be positive and fix my eyes on God and not on my circumstances!

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7).

Amen to that! 🙂

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