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Friendship is truly one of the necessities in life, eh? In the recent days, I have re-established friendships with so many people through different stages of my life. I discovered some long lost friends from my Elementary School days in Facebook, so I had exchanged messages and learned more about their life through the medium. I have also found my old friends from High School and discovered that my old highschool crush is still looking really pretty even after having two children 😉 Subsequently, there are others who I used to have a crush on – and after looking at their adult photos – made me think, “I used to have a crush on that one??! What was I thinking?!”. 😮 😆 Some of the popular girls in highschool now look very ordinary, whereas some of the jocks who I used to envy, now look very much like middle-aged ‘ngko-ngko’-s (a term for middle-aged Chinese man). There’s a similar pattern though, many of those who were thin before, are now looking “very well-fed” – including yours truly. Haha.

Talking about friends, I’ve just had a long conversation with Yani about her frustration with some folks at church: friends who we hang around with regularly and know reasonably well. We ended up talking about people’s quirkiness – that no matter how spiritual you are, you still have some quirkiness that will show from time to time, as a reminder that you’re not an angel. 🙂 There’s somebody at church who I admire for their spiritual insight but still shows some annoying mood swings and quirkiness lately. There is also another person whose habits just drive me crazy – but is a great blessing in providing spiritual support. How’s this for a habit? The person always asks for a container for any unfinished meal, even if there’s only three spoonful of food left on the plate. 😮

I also have a lot of personal quirkiness that I have developed over time. Some are just inherent with my personality traits, whereas others I picked along the way. Age has mellowed me down and has helped me to control myself better. I have now learned to control my tongue and not be overly critical, but I still indulge in lashing out sarcastic remarks when my friends ask silly questions. I can be quite moody as well –  a melancholy trait that can create crisis out of small misunderstanding through self-concocted emotions. I have learned now to bounce back quicker, not to dwell in my moodiness but to face the world with a smile. I can’t forego the present by dwelling on past issues or future possibly’s and maybe’s.

It’s certainly true that “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” (Proverbs 27:17) – I have been shaped by my interactions with other people. I learn more about my weaknesses when others point them out to me, so I can fix them and be a better man. As you get to know somebody better, you also get to know his/her quirkiness more – which is certainly what Yani and I are experiencing at the moment. I learn to deal with her phlegmatism, and she learns to deal with my moodiness. Hahaha. 😀 There’s a Sunday School song that comes to my head, that goes like

Sedikit demi sedikit tiap hari tiap sifat
Yesus mengubahku (Dia ubahku)
Sejak kut’trima Dia, hidup dalam anug’rah-Nya
Yesus mengubahku

Dia ubahku, oh Jurus’lamat
Ku tidak seperti yang dulu lagi
Meskipun nampak lambat
Namun ku tahu ku pasti sempurna nanti

The translation is roughly:

Little by little, each day each trait
Jesus is changing me (He changes me)
Ever since I accepted Him, living in His grace
Jesus is changing me

He’s changing me, o Saviour
I am not what I was before
Even though it seems slow
But I know I will be perfect at the end

🙂 Because of this realisation, I have also learned to accept people in different stages of their character development. No doubt I also contribute in sharpening the countenance of the people around me. 🙂

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