The Friday before Christmas …

It’s not even 9am and I’m having my second coffee already! It’s another mild Summer’s morning here in Adelaide. The glass fuurins that I hang in the loo chime from time to time when the cool breeze wafts through. The backyard is also looking green and fresh because of the rain that we received last week. The forecast for Christmas here in Adelaide is that we’re going to have a fine and partly cloudy day with the top temperature of 27C. Perfect. 🙂

I’m feeling all Christmasy at the moment – listening to a Windham Hill Celtic Christmas IV CD that I borrowed from the City Library. It’s been a while since I listen to Celtic music – it’s about time that I play the Celtic CDs that I’ve accumulated along the years over again. Rather than listening to the usual Christmas carols, I prefer to listen to some unusual Christmas songs, whether they’re Celtic, Nordic or from all over the world. 🙂 Yesterday, I also couldn’t hold the urge any longer – I ate the Christmas Marzipan that was sent as part of my Christmas present, all the way from Norway from Hugo in Kongsberg. The Christmas Marzipan (Jule marsipan) for some reason is shaped like a pig, thus the name (Julegris). I don’t know why the Norwegians have the tradition of eating pig-shaped marzipan around Christmas. 😀 The julegris was delicious! I love marzipan ever since I had my first taste years ago when my fifth sister was learning how to bake cakes.

I don’t have much of a plan today other than to enjoy the day and to send my online Christmas card to my friends and family – I will close off my Kimber Chronicles today with whatever update that I receive today. I’m planning to call the executive recruiter today just to enquire whether the company has made any decision or not. I’m fearing for the worst, but still faintly optimistic. I can’t stay in my doom and gloom mode and waste a Christmas feeling down. Other than that, I’m having coffee with a friend at 11.00am and then lunch with Yani at 1.00pm in the city. It’s nice to be out and about and just connect to other people.

Keeping my own company has its plus and minus during turbulent times such as these – even though I prefer to ‘recharge’ on my own, gloominess tends to brew because I’m the only one who is in charge of turning it on or chasing it away. I was tempted from time and time again just to stay in my misery. I had coffee yesterday with my ex-colleague Mark – I mentioned to him what I had mentioned many times before, that I was thankful of my period of employment uncertainty. I said that it had taught me about resilience, flexibility and faith – precious lessons that I couldn’t learn through formal trainings. On the other hand, the lessons had also pushed me on the fronts that I found deeply personal. It pushed my character and personality, shaping me and molding me through the things that I experienced, thought, and felt on a daily basis.

Bruce spanworm
Bruce spanworm

I’ve finished my coffee now – and while taking a break from writing this blog entry, I’ve also watered my Wollemi Pine and inspected a deciduous bush (the name escapes me at the moment) that hasn’t sprouted new leaves yet. I’ve found the culprit! It’s the friggin’ spanworm that has also deforested and killed my Japanese maple. I didn’t discover the spanworm on my Japanese maple until it was too late – by then, even though I killed the caterpillars, the tree didn’t have any leaves on it to survive. After killing two spanworms on the bush, I had a suspicion that I might find one or two on my Taiwanese Green Maple trees. Eureka – I found one and killed it as well. Grrr. 😡

So there you go – my morning in a nutshell. It’s time for me to take a shower and face the Friday before Christmas!

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