A Mellow Finale – Delft

It was quite a fitting finale for my trip that I finished it off with Delft. Thanks to my friend Sjoerd, who suggested that I should take a train to get out of Amsterdam for a change of scene. Initially I couldn’t decide whether I should go to Haarlem, Delft, Leiden, Den Haag, or Utrecht – all within reach from Amsterdam. At the end, because of Delft’s reputation with the ceramic industry there, I thought I should go there, to get away from Amsterdam’s chaotic mess. Sjoerd suggested that I could go to Haarlem and then also stop at Leiden and Den Haag, however because I had such a nice relaxing time in Delft, I spent most of the day there and had no time to stop elsewhere.

I used to like Amsterdam much more, but the crowd and the mess have started to get into me. I’m getting sick of walking in Kalverstraat facing African-Europeans or African-Africans walking as if they just got out of Brooklyn, or a barrage of tourists blocking the whole street just because they couldn’t decide which souvenir to get. I’m also getting sick of looking at silly t-shirts with either sex or marijuana on it, and smelling it on the street. Maybe I’m just being grumpy again … hahaha. Amsterdam is exceptionally busy because they will be having an outdoor music festival called “Uit Markt” that they would have in the city, from 26-28 August. It’s held every year and signifies the end of summer with free performances from classical to pop concerts.

Delft was a breath of fresh air compared to Amsterdam – it was quiet and laid-back. I walked around, went to some of the tourist attractions (Nieuwe Kerk and the Oude Kerk), as well as walking around in the market. I bought bread from the local bakery and had a light lunch out on the street. I contemplated whether I should buy a Delft Blue ceramic but the good ones are very expensive and the cheap ones are very tacky. So I didn’t buy any. 😛 I’ve already got a pair of cheap little ceramic klompen that I bought in Amsterdam four years ago. I did buy a tin of stroopwafels for souvenir and some to buy for myself. So all, in all, it was a great excursion to Delft! I also briefly chatted to a friendly pair from Maastricht, and I commented that I knew Maastricht because of the soft /g/. Hehehe. They were quite amused by my knowledge and laughed along and agreed with that fact. The Dutch, as you know, has quite a heavy or guttural /g/ in their language, and apparently those coming from Limburg province in the south have a soft /g/.

Well, I should end my entry here – I will add more from the airport in Changi, presumably, or even tomorrow morning here from Amsterdam if I can’t stand not logging on. Haha. I don’t know how tight the security will be at the airport considering the recent development.

Dooei! 🙂

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  1. Hi, you did sound a little grumpy in that update and I wondered whether indulging in a “cookie” in amsterdam may have helped? 🙂

    Sound like its time to return home. You must be missing us !

    BTW what in the byjeezus is a stroopwafel ?

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