A good start of the week

It’s nice to see some sunshine and blue sky after the grey and moody days beforehand. I still prefer cloudy sky, but it’s nice to feel some warmth – it still feels like a prolonged Spring. It’s as if Summer was just waiting around the bend and come with full vengeance in the coming weeks. It’s great to see the grass sprouting and see the plants looking green and healthier. So far I’ve finished my second cup of coffee while listening to U2: The Best of 1980-1990. It’s a partly-lazy and partly-productive morning so far – well, technically it’s not morning anymore since it’s already 12.04pm at the moment.

Yesterday was a full-on day for me – we finished church at about 4pm. We had our service in Salvation Army hall in Unley because the church that we usually used had a clashing event. Afterwards, some of us went to have dinner at a newish Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, Fortune Duck. Unfortunately the food was so-so, it was a bit bland even though the ambience and the interior was nice. I personally still prefer Ding Hao also in Gouger Street – their dishes are tastier and have more flavour. Because the Lights of Lobethal started yesterday, we decided to head up to the Hills and see the place up close. Lobethal is a city located in the Adelaide Hills that’s famous for its Christmas lights display. It seems that around Christmas the town lives up to its name as ‘Valley of Praise’ (Lobethal is German for ‘Valley of Praise’). It was pretty cold up there but it was nice to see the houses all decorated with fairy lights in fancy configurations. We walked along the Main Street and see the market inside the Centennial Hall. I didn’t buy anything this time, except for a $2 pepperoni stick which was tasty, and a $4 flashing mouthguard just for a laugh. Unfortunately the Lobethal Bakery was closed so I couldn’t buy the Emmaline Christmas Pudding straight from the factory.

We also visited one of the main attractions in Lobethal – a big house in Ridge Road that was completely decorated in Christmas lights. Bill and Peg, the owners, even decorated the interior with toys and Christmas ornaments! We had fun taking lots of pictures – unfortunately my camera battery gave up when we got there so I didn’t take many pictures this time. There was also an incident earlier – a friend of Kornelius from Carnegie Mellon University called him and said that their car was stuck in the road somewhere between Lobethal and Woodside. His mum and friend were panicky because it was dark and that help was nowhere to be found. We had to make a detour from Lobethal to help them first – fortunately, with us to provide assistance, we were able to lift and push the car out and onto the road again. There was a reason why we bumped to them earlier in the Main Street! At least they knew who to call when they were stuck. 🙂  Everything happens for a reason!

Chilli and Cheese Vili Dog
Chilli and Cheese Vili Dog

By the time we finished viewing the lights in Ridge Road and headed back to Adelaide, it was already past midnight. I went with Kornelius, Yunita and Isabella back to town – I also went with them on the way up. The other two cars parted ways as they were heading in opposite directions in Adelaide. We missed the turn to the Freeway so we ended up taking the meandering road that took us to Greenhill Road in Adelaide. I certainly didn’t know that Greenhill Road actually continued on to the Hills! The four of us were still feeling relatively ‘fresh’ so we stopped by at Vili’s Cafe off South Road for some ‘early morning ‘ supper. I had a chilli dog and an ice tea myself. We had a chinwag until about 1.15am and then we decided to call it a night.

I ended up going to bed at 2.00am – I didn’t feel like taking a shower last night so I just washed my face and brushed my teeth. I got up at 10.00am and had four slices of cold pizza for breakfast, leftover from Saturday night. Hahaha. Healthy, I know! Pizza and coffee for breakfast! 😀

It’s time for me to hang my laundry and then take a shower and face Monday. I really hope that this week will bring some closure and certainty to my situation – one can only pray!

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