Terrorists, schmerrorists!

Thanks for the concern, folks – fortunately, my flight from Prague came early in the morning yesterday before the terrorism kertuffle. I learned about what happened at Schiphol airport yesterday from the news in the evening. I didn’t experience any problem whatsoever when I was at Schiphol airport. I’m a bit miffed and concerned on what kind of experience I will have tomorrow when I leave though, and at Singapore Airport. Qantas has already imposed a stricter rule on carry-on luggage. I already enquired their policy since the flight that I’ll be taking to bring me back to Australia is code-shared with British Airways. So it looks like I will have to put more stuff in my checked-in luggage than what I would prefer to do. I wouldn’t want to bring back broken souvenirs!

Another challenge for me is also how to manage having a shower and change during transit, since I won’t be able to bring my toiletteries on board. When I flew out of Australia, at least I could bring my toiletteries and change into my carry-on bag, so I could check in early in Singapore for my connecting flight to Europe, and take care of the big bag. Now, I may need to lug all of my bags to my friend’s Sjoerd’s apartment so I can have a shower and a change, and then head back to the airport pronto, to check in as there may be longer security process. Last time I had two carry-on bags with me, this time I will have to put most of my stuff into my check-in bag.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Bloody terrorist wanna-be’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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