Glorious morning, indeed.


Some people may complain about the continuous gloomy weather but I for one, am enjoying it immensely. As I got up this morning and stepped outside, the ground was still moist after last night’s rain. The sun was hidden by the thick clouds but I could see the silver lining, marking and announcing that it was there all along. There were drops of water on the party lights and the table and chairs were wet again. At least now that I’m not hosting an outdoor barbeque today, it can be gloomy and rainy for the whole day for all I care. I love it! 🙂

As at 11.00am today (13/12), Adelaide has actually received 33.2mm of rain, which is already more than the average rainfall for December! (28.0mm). The water’s great for the plants as well as for the soil – the drought has caused many hairline cracks to appear because of the shifting soil. Rain, rain, come from Spain! Haha.

Herborg Kråkevik "Songbok"I’ve just finished my first cup of coffee to the soothing “Annleis enn i går” CD by Norwegian singer Herborg Kråkevik. Even though I can’t understand what the songs are all about, they are very lovely and no doubt infused with emotions. Now that I’ve finished that CD, I’m listening to her earlier CD called ‘Songbok’. Earlier, I fried some leftover chips and had them for breakfast. Not very healthy, I know but I shouldn’t waste food! I’m not much of a ‘food storer’ though. I’d rather finish food in one or two sittings and would prefer that my friends bring some of the food home as well. I’m very simple when it comes to eating at home – either instant noodle, rice with chicken nuggets – just ‘healthy’ and simple stuff like those. Haha. Thankfully I still have some of the crispy fried anchovies and fish and potato crisps that my sister brought over from Indonesia in October. They are great to eat with rice!

I haven’t planned much of what I’m going to do today – the ladies from church are having their cellgroup today so there will be no church workers’ prayer meeting this morning. I’m also scheduled to deliver the message tomorrow at church, so I’m going to prepare it this afternoon. I have something brewing in my heart already – I just need to put them to a structure and a flowing message. I may also head to Ikea to buy some boxes that fit my bookshelves so I can put my magazines and bric-bracs there: more storage to keep my house looking organised! Hahaha.

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