All’s well at the end!

It’s forty minutes after midnight and I’m going to have my evening shower as usual. At the end I had a great time at the barbeque – I was getting really worried when it continued to rain throughout the day. There were times when it seemed that the clouds were dissipating and I thought that it would dry up, only to find that it bucketed down a few minutes later. I got a set of party lights yesterday from my friend Anton that I decided to hang around the pergola – I waited for those dry spells only to find myself soaking wet after I looped the chord through a couple of beams. I know that it was silly of me dealing with electrical stuff in the rain – I was careful not to hook the lights to the power source, and to put the bulb holders facing downwards to avoid the water.

At the end I managed to clean the house and put the piles of books, papers and stuff in the spare bedroom. I used the second bedroom as my ‘balancing’ area – whatever piles that I couldn’t sort due to time constraint, I put them there. Haha. Unfortunately in the process of sorting out my stuff, I accidentally broke the vial of Diesel Fuel for Life Eau de Toilette that I received as a sample months ago. Now my study smells so good that I feel suave just by sitting in front of the computer! 😉 I also realised that I should never ever again leave print-outs face down on my white dining room chair. There was a song sheet on one of the chairs that had its words imprinted on the chair because of my ignorance! Argh. Ah well, all of our belongings carry our personal experience with each one of them. If I wanted my things to be in pristine condition until eternity, I shouldn’t have bought them in the first place. 🙂 Well, that’s what I’m telling myself … hahaha. By 5.30pm, I had time to light the candles in the living room and in the back porch, as well as putting the food and plastic utensils out. 🙂 I was tired, but I was happy that I finished most of what I wanted to do.

Weber QMy friends didn’t come until around 6.30pm and we only started cooking at about 7.30pm, I think. We tested my new Webber Q and grilled some snags and some pork satays that Kak Susi cooked. The lamb chops that I marinated didn’t taste that nice – they were pretty bland, I found. Towards the end of the evening, Gideon came over and brought some more meat, because we had heaps of sausages already. Because the lamb and the beef were not marinated, we improvised by putting salt, pepper, soya sauce, and some shiraz. The meat tasted fantastic! Maybe I’ll do something similar again the next time rather than buying ready-made marinade sachet.

The rain did ease a bit during the evening, that allowed us to mingle in the backyard a bit – we could even sit on the outdoor chairs. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I didn’t want my guests to have stained clothes – the table and chairs were still ‘bleeding’ and that they would need a couple of soaking showers to minimise the colour leaching. It was really nice to sit around the table outside, with the colourful party lights on, and the fairy lights twinkling away – really nice! I also brought my Roku Soundbridge out and put it in the shed, so we could listen to some music as we cooked the barbeque and ate outside. Some of the youth commented that they felt as if they were somewhere in a café in Puncak or in Bandung because of the cozy ambience. 🙂

The rain did stay away for the rest of the night – some of the guests left at about 9.30pm to catch the bus home. Some left soon after as well, because it was their children’s bedtime. I deliberately didn’t take any attention to what the children did at my house, because it would’ve been too stressful! They wanted to watch a movie, then they changed their mind, then they wanted to touch the party lights, then they wanted some paper, then … and so forth! I honestly didn’t mind them being there, I enjoyed their presence too. 🙂

After most of the guests left, those who stayed watched ‘The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’ DVD. We didn’t finish the movie though because by then it was already late and some of them were planning to go to Fleurieu Peninsula tomorrow to visit some wineries. So now, I’m relaxing and feeling very relieved that it was a good night had by all. I’m going to take a shower and then head to bed – I’ll sort out the mess tomorrow morning. Haha!

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