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It’s been quite a mild Summer so far here and in Adelaide and I’m not complaining at all. I certainly dislike the high-30s and low-40s temperature and I much prefer the high-20s. We had a rainy afternoon as well yesterday and the rain continued throughout the night, making everything wet and fresh this morning. The backyard looks as if it really appreciates the soaking rain because it looks greener already! So far we have received around 11.6mm of rain, nearly half of Adelaide’s December average rainfall! I suppose the only drawback of the rain is that I’m supposed to have my barbeque tonight! I hope that the weather will be dry enough by this afternoon for people to come over and enjoy themselves. I would hate to cram about 10-15 people inside the house … haha.

Yesterday I also went to Kornelius’ graduation at the Australian campus of the Carnegie Mellon University, here in Adelaide. Graduation ceremonies in Australia are quite similar to the ones in Indonesia – with numerous speeches. The only things missing are the traditional dance, as well as the requirement for female graduands to wear kebaya (one of the national costumes in Indonesia). 🙂 So, after so many speeches, we got to see two members of our Indonesian Church, Kornelius Yap and Eka Kelana, to receive their Master from Carnegie Mellon University. Congratulations to both of you! 🙂

I had to rush home after the graduation ceremony though, even though I stayed to take heaps of photos of everybody. I still had to tidy up the house and assembled the chairs for the backyard. The chairs and table are now up, the living room is in a displayable condition – I will need to finish the rest by this afternoon. It will be a busy day – I was contacted by one recruiter who asked to meet me today at 10.30am. Paula, a good friend and ex-colleague from Adelaide Bank, passed my CV to a recruiter whom she knows pretty well. I will also do some shopping afterwards, and then just head home to finish cleaning up the house.

It’s raining again now – good for the plants, I suppose. Unfortunately I will have to dodge my way out and head to town soon!

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