Windy Wednesday Night

Red and White Domes, Paul Klee

It sure is windy out there – I can hear the rustles of the trees and the windchimes are also busy tinkling away. As usual, I’m getting ready to call it a day after such an eventful day. I started my day by rushing to an executive search agency for a 10 o’clock meeting only to find out that the guy who I was supposed to meet, had actually put 10.30am in his calendar. I had to keep myself busy with my iPhone while waiting for him. It was a good meeting nevertheless – he said that he would pass my resume as well as details to a local financial institution. Another tentacle to help me reach the destination, I suppose.

I also had my interview at 3pm – which was quite full on with behavioural questions. I hope I represented myself well and that the outcome is a positive one. I was interviewed by two personnel – one was the manager of the position, the other was a representative from Human Resources. I could answer all of the questions, having experienced most if not all of the cases that were presented. The interview left me drained – I was also feeling quite tense again, just wanting to find my next career move and close off my period of uncertainty. I know I’m in God’s safe hands and that He knows what’s best for me. The outcome will be communicated next week …

I relaxed myself by starting to put my Christmas ornaments around the house – I have put some bells on the ficus tree in the front porch; I’ve also hung the four straw stars that I bought from Ikea on the front windows. Similar to the previous years, I have put several golden and silver stars on the dried branches that I have in a vase on top of the fireplace. I also put some baubles on the window in my kitchen. My house is slowly entering the festive season! I still have some work to do to tidy up the place as well as to put the rest of the Christmas ornaments. I’m not having any Christmas tree in the house – it’s just too much of a hassle. I can celebrate Christmas without having any Christmas tree! 😛

I also hang several of my framed Paul Klee postcards in the hallway. They look good being grouped together! I bought most of the postcards in Vienna, but I also bought some in Munich as well. As mentioned previously, I was introduced to Klee’s works when I was still working in Singapore. I bought a print from Ikea that I liked, and my then-flatmate told me that it was a Klee.

Well, it’s a quarter past midnight here already – time for me to take my shower and head to bed. The serenading wind is making me sleepy. I’ve been invited to attend Kornelius’ graduation ceremony at the Town Hall tomorrow at 1.30pm. That would be good as I’ve never been inside of the Town Hall. After that, I will have to rush home and finish all of the housework!

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