Study room is done!

Study Room

I’m sitting in my newly improved study room – well, I still need to clean up the mess and tidy up the books, piles of paper and nicknacks that are strewn all over the floor. Haha. I’m pretty happy with the new look as the design looks ‘cleaner’ – I’ve got my books within easy reach, and the computer monitor is now located closer to the window, so I can look outside to look at my backyard when I get tired with my work. Well, there’s not much scenery to look at in the backyard, but at least I can look at something. Hahaha.

The green feature wall in my study does look fantastic with the white bookcase in front of it. The paintwork looks a bit blotchy, I suppose, but not too bad. After all, I’m still an amateur who’s learning to do some handyman’s work! So yesterday, I finished putting the second coat of paint, and then put my Ikea’s Expedit Bookcase together, as well as the Vika Amon + Vika Inge + Vika Anefors desk together. It took me a long time to put together the bookcase because it’s such a tricky  thing to built. I was quite frustrated at 4pm, because I had to finish the bookcase before meeting Yani at 5pm to see a movie together. I managed to get it done at 4.20pm. I even managed to lift it up and position it in place, even though the Ikea guide suggested that it should be positioned by two persons. I lifted it while saying, “In Jesus, there’s strength!” – in my frustration and tiredness. 🙂 I was so pleased when I managed to get it to stand without any damage to the bookcase or to myself. Haha. Just call me Samson. 🙂

Slumdog MillionaireI called Yani up to say that I couldn’t meet her in the city because I would be too late – I suggested to her that she should take the 720 bus to Marion Shopping Centre, and that I would join her at bus stop 4A. We only had a short while to have dinner at Hungry Jack’s (we didn’t have enough time to have a ‘proper’ dinner) before going to see ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. I received a free ticket for two to see the advanced screening of the movie.  The story is a usual rags to riches story about Jamal Malik who grew up in the slums of Bombay/Mumbai in India. When he went to ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire’, he could answer all of the questions – thus raising the suspicion of the show host, whether a humble chaiwalla (tea-seller / tea-boy) could be so smart. The theme is interweaved with the story of Jamal’s affection for another street urchin, Latika, as well as his relationship with his street-tough brother, Salim, who had a good heart after all. Despite the location and the actors, the movie was not directed by an Indian. The director is actually Danny Boyle, the same guy behind Trainspotting, 28 Days Later. It’s a celebration of life that highlights India with its beauty and struggles – the religious tension, the smiles, the smell, the massive amount of people, and the plight of children having to grow up in the slums. If it’s available in your local cinema, go and see it as it’s very enjoyable and highly recommended. I give it 4.5 / 5.

I also received my first Christmas present of the year – hurrah (discounting the Kris Kringle at church)! There was a lady from the post office who woke me up at 10.00am to deliver a package with several CDs in it, some chocolate, and two calendars. I didn’t expect any package so soon, so I opened it today. I have the latest album of Odd Nordstoga as well as Herborg Kråkevik now!! I’m a happy chappie! Mange takk, Hugo!

It’s time for me to take my shower and feel more human again — I’ve been living at quite a strange timezone recently, with taking my evening shower at nearly 2am in the morning and going to bed soon after, and then getting up at 10am. This week is a busy one for me, occupied by the motivation to finish my study, prepare for the interview tomorrow, and spruce up my house for the barbeque on Friday. It’s good to be busy! 🙂

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  1. Reading blogs is one of my fav things to do. It opens a lot of new perspectives as well as following what fellow friends and family are up to. Yours always has that ‘fresh’ spirit 😉 Cheers.

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