December is here!


We’re on the last lap for this year – we’ve entered December. I can’t wait to finish this year and even though I’m not looking forward to a jobless Christmas, I’m still very upbeat to plunge into the festive season, soak in the goodwill, and enjoy the warmth that Christmas brings. On Sunday I was in the tram on my way to church, there were a group of teenagers – the boys were relatively quiet but the two girls were loud, obnoxious and rude (sheesh, I sound like an old fuddy-duddy, don’t I? Haha). They were not afraid to curse out loud and made exaggerated and mocking facial expressions to express their points. One of the girls said, “I hate Christmas. The only good about Christmas is the presents”. I mentioned about this incident to the congregation on Sunday when I led worship, that they forgot about Jesus who was born that day. Without Christ, there wouldn’t be Christmas! However, something else that is good about Christmas is also the smiles and warm, fuzzy feelings that you feel when you walk around and hear the Christmas carols piped throughout the buildings. Of course, after so many rounds of ‘Last Christmas’, you’d probably want the season to be over and done with as well. Haha. 😆

I started doing my annual Flash Christmas card on Monday – a bit late compared to the previous years. I started the tradition in 2000 when I played around with the then-called Macromedia Flash and provided a simple animation to a Christmas carol. The tradition continued, and along the way I practiced putting different techniques onto the images. For this year’s card, I’ve opted to create something simple so that the animation will not distract the viewers from the song and the images. I’m not going to tell what song I have chosen for this year’s card – you just need to wait and see! 😉 The card should be ready by this weekend, so I will upload the file to my domain and spread the Christmas cheer to my family and friends. I have stopped sending paper cards as my simple contribution to save the trees (and my wallet … hehe). At least it’s made with love and that it’s not something that’s mass-made.

I have also put Christmas lights on the two trees on my frontyard – one on the dead liquidambar tree (which provides a good frame for the lights), and the other one on the thriving ornamental pear tree. I have also put some on the front porch, as well as on the new pergola. Little things to jazz the place up! I’m nearly ready for Christmas! 🙂 I still need to tidy the interior and put Christmas decorations all over the house. I’ll do it next weekend, I reckon!

Eli StoneIt’s thirty minutes to midnight, and I still need to take my shower. I had a haircut earlier today and I still have heaps of cuttings on my tshirt. I can’t sleep with waxy hair either! As a postscript, I watched a new series on TV tonight – Eli Stone on Channel Seven. Eli Stone is a lawyer who had a brain aneurysm that caused him to have strange visions. I enjoyed the pilot episode very much – the dialogues are witty, and the visions reminded me of the strange visions / happenings in good ol’ Ally McBeal. The pilot episode covered a lot of points as well from God, vaccination, to autism. From googling I learned that ABC had actually cancelled the series, unfortunately. I do hope they will reverse the decision! If you enjoyed the episode as much as I did, please sign the petition here. I have even joined the fan page in Facebook, hoping that ABC realises that there are a lot of impressed viewers out there. For the Aussies, if you didn’t watch the episode tonight, Channel Seven is airing Eli Stone on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can watch the second episode on Thursday!

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