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I’m sitting here with my half-drunk cup of coffee in the dining room. The house is dark but for the dining room, with the velvety voice of Johnny Hartman glides around the room. It’s been a really pleasant day today – such a perfect Spring day in Adelaide, with blue sky with some white clouds wafting around, crisp gentle breeze, and warm sunshine. Just perfect. I started my day by heading off to my pastor’s house for singing practice for tomorrow’s service. Afterwards, we went to Novi and Yani’s house for a prayer meeting / housewarming – we started a bit late because there were so many things that needed to be done in the morning: singing practice, people needing to be picked up, the catering that needed to be collected as well, yadda yadda yadda. We did have a good prayer meeting and lunch at the end though – we even went to the nearby supermarket afterwards to get some icecream because we still felt a bit peckish after the nasi kuning (yellow coconut rice) pack.

Whilst at Foodland, I found my favourite seasonal delicacy – Emmaline’s Country Kitchen Christmas Puddings, produced by a local company in Mount Barker, SA. It’s something that I look forward to every Christmas, after being introduced to it by my ex-workmate Paula many years ago. The so-called Christmas Puddings are basically little rich chocolate mud cakes that melt in your mouth that undoubtedly add a couple of kilograms to your weight. Pure decadence. Haha. The Christmas Puddings are a bit hard to find, because the major supermarket Coles and Woolworth’s don’t stock them at all. Now I know where to go to get them – even if I have to go to the northern suburb Foodland to get some! Haha.

I rushed home at about 5.30pm because the successful bidder of my study desk mentioned that she would be coming over at 7.00pm to pick it up. I’m selling my old desk and bookcase so I can refurbish my study and make it more welcoming. I want a study room that’s airy, has more storage for my books, and doesn’t feel stuffy nor student-dorm-like. Hehehe. I only managed to sell the desk for $27 but I suppose that’s a good price, considering that the desk has served me faithfully for the past six years! So, I single-handedly moved the desk out of the study into the garage – I also dismantled the bookcase and put the frame in the back porch. Hopefully the lady would want to buy the bookcase as well cheaply. Unfortunately, she texted me at 7.30pm and said that she had urgent things to do 🙄 and said that she would be coming tomorrow instead! Aaargh! I could’ve gone with the Indonesian youth to the beach for dinner and enjoy the nice afternoon and evening at the beach! Ah well. At least I’m having a nice and relaxing time at home as well.

Le fils d'épicierYesterday was also very pleasant – after the meeting with the lady at the recruitment agency, I went home to change and briefly enjoyed the newly-paved section of my backyard. Yes, the pavers came in the morning at 6.30am, and finished the job by 12.00! I had to leave them because my appointment with the recruitment agency was at 11.00am. They did a great job with the paving, as the area looked really good afterwards. I didn’t envy them having to work in the rain, because we had a rainy morning that day and it was a bit cold as well!

After I changed into a more casual outfit, I headed back to the city and watched a french movie called The Grocer’s Son (Le fils d’épicier). I wanted to use the free-movie voucher that I received for my birthday, as it would expire this weekend. The film was leisurely-paced and very low-key – it doesn’t have bombastic and yet phoney display of emotions that often plague American movies. Yet, I can feel some of the emotional undercurrents just by immersing myself in the story. The Grocer’s Son is based on a simple premise of: A village grocer had a stroke so the younger son had to head home to his hometown to help. He didn’t get along well with his father, whilst his older brother, who was the responsible one, also had hidden personal demons that he had to battle as well. At the end of the movie, he discovered that working as a grocer in the village (“that reeked of death”) wasn’t bad at all! I enjoyed the movie for the story, and for the atmospheric direction as well. There were close-ups of the character’s hand jutting out of his car, feeling the oncoming wind; or the sliding transparent curtain across the character’s arms as he kissed his girlfriend. Simple things like that – subtle things that Hollywood movies tend to overlook.

After the movie, I walked along Rundle Stree from the cinema with a half-grin on my face – it was an excellent afternoon weatherwise. The sunrays were almost horizontal, bathing Adelaide with the golden glow. It felt almost European because the air was cool, and yet the sun was still high up in the evening.

If you’re wondering how the meeting went with the executive search agency – it went really well, I think. The lady brought my CV along to show the client, who reportedly liked my experience and qualifications. She wanted to confirm with me that I were still interested in the position, to which I said yes. The interview will be scheduled for next week, so hopefully everything goes well. The position does seem like a better fit for me as the activities are very similar to those that I did at the previous company. So say a prayer for me, eh? 🙂

I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend yourself and find a personal spot to rest in the midst of the global storm! *smiles*

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