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Okay, my first correction … after my last post that sounded quite sour about Prague, I have changed my mind. I suppose I have been captured by Prague’s romanticism. After my last post, I walked around to the New Town and went to Wenceslas Square. I wanted to go to the Museum of Communism but I only had about 1 hour before closing time so I would return tomorrow instead. I took some pictures of the pedestrianised area around Wenceslas Square to get the evidence of westernisation of the Czech Republic. It’s quite sad, really, to see the Golden Arch, Debenham, Sephora adorning historic buildings – well, quite handy when you do need the goods their selling since you know the brands already!

After taking some more evening pictures around the Old Town Square, I walked back to Malá Strana via the Charles Bridge. The Old Town Square was abuzz by tourists having their meal and visitors taking pictures, it was similar to the town square in Tallinn or in Copenhagen, only more dramatic. The Czechs certainly know how to play their elements right! Now back to the Charles Bridge, since evening had set in already, they had lit the lights – there were musicians playing with their guitar, violin, complete with a flaming torch to give them lights. Complete with the lights from the National Theatre on the Vltava River, who can’t be captured by Prague’s romance? I’m bewitched and bewildered … but not bothered. Hehehe.

I have my last full day tomorrow before heading back to Amsterdam, and then home … 🙂 Happy to have done this trip, but can’t wait to share my experience with friends there too! (kl, I may follow your advice if I have the time! My itinerary is packed tomorrow … hehehe. I want to see the Museum of Communism, the old Jewish Cemetery, etc.)

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