At the Midnight Hour

Midnight Hour

I have a piece of paper given to me many years ago when I was a member of the ministry team at Charismatic Worship Service in Kelapa Gading. The quote describes my current situation very well – despite the understanding that I am to remain full of faith and peace, and knowing that things work together for my own good, there are moments, like today, when the darkest clouds seem to block every inch of sunlight.

There are times, it seems, when each of us feels cut off from God. Ponder, these words by David Watson:

“The mystics down through the centuries often referred to ‘the dark night of the soul’. This describes those periods when God seems strangely silent and absent in spite of personal need. We wonder what He is doing, why He is withholding His presence from us. We pray to Him, but the heavens seem as brass and we feel trapped by the prison of our own dark moods. The greatest test of a Christian’s life is to live with the silence of God.”

God is still alive and in control, even when He is silent.

It’s the greatest test so far – to keep on smiling, and to keep on holding to my faith, even to the last strand.

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