A Lesson in Flexibility


Perhaps I should also call this year as my Year of Flexibility – I traditionally prefer orderliness (a bit of a paradox as well, if you know the state of my house at the moment!), however, I have been shaped, prodded and bent this year to be more flexible with my rigid boundaries. What happened to me at work and coping with uncertainty have helped me just to go with the flow and just take things as they come, without stressing too much about them.

We finally had our early Christmas Service at church yesterday – as somebody who was appointed to coordinate the whole activities, I was stressing out because I realised so many things were out of order, or were forgotten at the last minute. We only have limited amount of people who can help at church, so nearly everybody who took part in the service had to do double or triple roles. Besides coordinating the event, I also had to be one of the singers because there weren’t enough male singers at church. We did cover each other really well, so that at least hopefully the congregation didn’t notice the rough edges too much. I had to swallow my frustration many times, when the singers came to the stage only to be told that we would be singing a different song, or that we would be doing something totally different to what we had been rehearsing too. I felt for the Worship Leader as she had to cope with the last minute changes and had to be the ‘face’ of the service. The service went pretty well, considering, and I heard so many kind remarks from the attendees.

However, working on the venue until past midnight and sleeping only from 4am the night before finally took its toll. At the end of the service, I was angry and disappointed – I couldn’t put the blame on anybody, as I felt that I should’ve and could’ve done better. However, I thank God for the youth who worked with me – when they saw the change in my demeanour, they just told me to ‘chill’ and just to smile and enjoy it, as we couldn’t do anything about it anymore. I did have a chance to vent my frustration by stomping on a couple of balloons that were used as the decoration. It felt good. Haha.

So, the Christmas service last night was a valuable lesson for me to be flexible with life – God does have a wicked sense of humour. He loves to throw curved balls from time to time – just to remind us that on top of our preparation, abilities, methods and procedures, we need His grace to wrap everything and make them beautiful. The service could’ve been so much worse and it could’ve been a major disaster, but nothing catastrophic happened. Those who were involved had the grace to keep on going and finish the jobs given them. Some did vent their anger and frustration, and I didn’t hold it against them. People have different ways to release their tension.

I am still tired at the moment – my voice is nearly gone and I will still need to sing today at church. I also feel for the Worship Leader yesterday as she will also lead today’s service. However, it was good to be part of the church ministry – I am so privileged to work with the youth and learn so much from the graciousness, energy, joy, and faith. It’s true, that the joy of the Lord is my strength – when you’re full of joy, either God-given directly, or passed by the people around you, you feel that you can really conquer any challenges.

So, at the end of the day, It was good to see seldom-seen friends and shared the event with them. It was also great to see Ps. Jonathan Pattiasina again and hear his Christmas message. God has given me life, and because of that we can face tomorrow and whatever it brings. Why focus on religions when you can go to the Source of Life? 🙂

I also got to eat some ‘home-cooked’ Indonesian food again. Now about that, I can’t complain. Haha.

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